Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Doctor

Are you in need of a Brookshire TX gastrointestinal doctor? Perhaps you’re wondering what a gastrointestinal doctor even is and what they focus on. Or maybe your general physician referred you to a gastrointestinal doctor after your most recent appointment.

A few other terms for a gastrointestinal doctor are a GI doctor or a stomach doctor. As the alternative names imply, they are a specialist of your digestive system and what goes on in it. They have a deep understanding of all the organs that are linked in that process.

Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Doctor
Visit a stomach doctor if you’re feeling abdominal pain.

Perhaps you’ve been recently experiencing symptoms that point to a stomach issue. Some are more obvious than others, but even minor problems can worsen if you don’t address them sooner.

If you think you’re experiencing symptoms of anything, you should always check with your general doctor. If it’s something that needs more specialized knowledge, they’ll refer you to a specialized doctor. Don’t leave something that could become a problem later alone.

Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Doctor

As stated earlier, a gastrointestinal doctor studies the digestive system. They have a deep understanding of how food moves through the body and the chemical breakdown of said food. These doctors have specialized knowledge from when you consume food to when your body excretes it.

Of course, because they know how the digestive system operates, they also learn about all the organs connected to it. These doctors have extensive knowledge about the stomach, esophagus, small and large intestines, colon, and rectum. However, they also know about the gallbladder, pancreas, liver, and bile ducts.

Since they know how the system and its organs work in junction with each other, they also know when they aren’t. Stomach doctors learn about the possible disorders and diseases that can occur in the digestive system. With this knowledge, they can diagnose and treat you if there are any issues with your digestive system.

Trust a Stomach Doctor with Credentials

A Brookshire TX gastrointestinal doctor needs to go through many years of study and training before they’re certified by the Board. After they graduate from medical college, the training usually continues for at least another five to six years.

This period is typically two to three years of residency in internal medicine. After the internal medicine residency, it’s followed by another two to three years of specific gastroenterology training.

After these potential specialists’ residency, they enter a fellowship. A medical fellowship is a rigorous program where likely stomach doctors work with patients directly. They evaluate their condition and provide recommendations to prevent and maintain their health.

In total, they could take up to 13 years of study and training. At this point, they can take the certification exam from the American Board of Internal Medicine. Once they pass, they’re now a board-certified gastroenterologist. Throughout the rest of their career, they’ll take follow-up board exams regularly.

Now you know that you’re in capable hands with a board-certified stomach doctor.

The Extent of a Stomach Doctor’s Know-How

Stomach doctors aren’t like general practitioners. They may have the traditional general medical knowledge, but they’re more focused on what goes on in your digestive system. Your general physician may direct you to a stomach doctor if they realize that your issue may need more specialized knowledge.

Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Doctor
Get the best digestive health specialist in your area. Find relief with Dr. Maher’s treatment options today.

By this point, you know that stomach doctors oversee your digestive system. So what conditions and disorders can occur in that system? The major ones, of course, are cancer, liver disease, and celiac disease.

However, those don’t occur every day, and stomach doctors can also diagnose and treat other digestive issues. Some issues include heartburn, inflammation of the large intestine or pancreas, gallbladder conditions, or irritable bowel syndrome. Sometimes, your issue may be a liver issue, and you may need to visit a liver specialist instead.

Of course, if you know you have a stomach problem, you can seek out a stomach doctor yourself. If you’re showing symptoms that point to a digestive issue, you can ask the opinion of an expert. These symptoms can include stomach pain, constant nausea or diarrhea, or having trouble swallowing.

And as you grow older, specific issues can become more prevalent. After the age of 50, certain people have a higher risk for rectal or colon cancer. They can come to a GI doctor for a routine checkup to check for cancer.

Possible Treatments and Procedures

Most people don’t go to a specialized doctor from the get-go. Often, your primary care doctor refers you to one after hearing your case.

Before your appointment with a digestive specialist, you usually need to take some tests. Usually, if that’s the case, your primary care doctor will order those for you.

So what can a stomach doctor do to diagnose you? Along with the tests your primary care doctor got for you, stomach doctors also run their own specific tests. These include endoscopy, colonoscopy, or an x-ray of your digestive system.

These tests will allow them to figure out what’s malfunctioning inside your body. When they have a better understanding, they’ll be able to diagnose you and give you a treatment plan correctly.

Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Doctor
Dr. James Maher is a certified Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Doctor.

Often, they’ll prescribe you medicine to help with your stomach issues. Other times, they may advise you on a new diet to ease your queasy stomach. However, depending on the severity of the case, they may refer you to a surgeon instead.

The sooner an expert can treat whatever symptoms you’re experiencing, the better off you’ll be. If you’re experiencing issues, be sure to reach out to your doctor for an exam.

Connecting with a Stomach Doctor

Of course, even if there are various resources on the Internet, you shouldn’t trust everything. If you’re experiencing any symptoms, whether minor or not, you should get in contact with a doctor. Please schedule an appointment sooner than later, so an expert can treat your issue before it gets worse.

If you’re looking for a stomach doctor, you want to be in capable hands. Whether your primary care doctor referred you or not, you can trust someone who’s board-certified. Please contact the office of Katy Stomach Doctor James Maher today for a certified Brookshire TX gastrointestinal doctor.

Brookshire, TX Fun Facts:

  • Incorporated in 1946, Brookshire is seven miles west of Katy.
  • It has a long history of agriculture, from farming to ranching. This city has characteristics of a small town farming community.
  • The city takes its name from Nathan Brookshire, a captain in the Texan Army that stormed and captured Bexar.
  • For more information, visit Brookshire’s official site.