Brookshire TX Liver Specialist

Knowing who the best Brookshire TX Liver Specialist is the best match for you is difficult. Who do you choose to trust when it comes to receiving optimal care for your health? Some points you might want to consider are location, expertise, reviews, and history practicing medicine.

Another arguably important consideration might be your doctor’s overall disposition toward patients. When you are dealing with potentially serious health problems, of course, you want to seek help from someone who has the proper knowledge. But how your doctor makes you feel throughout the initial visit and future visits is equally impactful on your health and well-being.

James Maher M.D., at Katy Stomach Doctor, is an expert in his field. And he’s an advocate of staying on top of new research and findings in gastroenterology. Dr. Maher is a board-certified gastroenterologist- he provides specialized medical services in liver and gastrointestinal health. In other words, he is an expert in the organs which make up your digestive system as well as your liver.

James Maher Your Brookshire TX Liver Specialist

Brookshire Tx liver specialist
Dr. Maher is your Brookshire TX liver specialist.

Dr. Maher has a drive to continually educate himself on what is happening in his field. He has a passion for keeping his patients educated as well. Dr. Maher is considerate, compassionate, and open to conversations about your health as a two-way street.

A doctor is there to listen to all the complaints and worries that you have. And to check out what these complaints might be about. When you visit an empathic Brookshire TX liver specialist, you are in good company.

Dr. Maher will listen to you with genuine care about what you are experiencing. He will also take the time to teach you about your health and what you can do to maintain it.

Why Would I Need A Liver Specialist?

You may be experiencing symptoms that your doctor considers severe enough to examine. In addition, you might be experiencing symptoms that seem to have come out of nowhere.

You may be unsure how your painful symptoms started, but your general practitioner suspects they are liver-related. It is a good idea to visit an experienced Brookshire TX liver specialist, Dr. James Maher at Katy Stomach Doctor. He can perform specialized diagnostics that will rule out liver disease, or help you find the right treatment plan, otherwise.

Brookshire Tx liver specialist
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Dr. Maher has extensive education and practice in internal medicine and gastroenterology. In addition, he has several years of fellowship in university settings. Therefore, he is knowledgeable about your health and cares about your questions and concerns.

When something causes injury to your liver, symptoms can seem to come on suddenly. Injury can be an adverse reaction to a medication, for instance. Sudden liver damage is acute liver damage. In contrast, long-term liver damage caused by alcohol abuse or certain viruses may take several years to progress before you feel any symptoms.

Liver Disease And Symptoms

Common symptoms you may feel if you have acute or chronic liver disease are:

  • Fever, weakness, or jaundice
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pain in the upper right area of your side underneath your ribcage

Liver diseases can show up in a variety of ways. For example, cancer of the liver is a serious risk to health and life. So detecting liver disease in its early stages is very crucial. It is always preferable to detect it early to prevent developing life-threatening stages of liver disease.

Types Of Cancer Related To The Liver

Two types of cancers of or related to your liver are Colorectal Cancer and Hepatocellular Carcinoma. The latter is a cancer of the colon. However, early detection can be life-saving. Without early detection, there is the risk of spread to other organs in your body, including your liver.

A colonoscopy test or a stool test is a screening option for some types of cancer. However, this decision should always be between you and your doctor. Discussing your options with a board-certified Brookshire TX liver specialist, like Dr. Maher, is essential. You can understand the benefits and risks of all your screening options.

Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is a general reference to liver-related health problems. It can occur when the liver builds up excess fatty tissue. When your liver becomes too fatty, it has difficulty processing and filtering the toxins in your body. If your liver cannot process toxins correctly, these toxins will build up in your liver over time. 

Fatty liver research is not entirely clear. However, there is a possible link to obesity or heart disease, for instance.

Because fatty liver prevents your liver from working as it should, the toxins build up. Then they begin to affect other vital organs in your body. Fatty liver disease is related to higher rates of diabetes as well.

Brookshire TX Liver Specialist For Hepatitis C Treatment

Brookshire Tx liver specialist
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At Katy Stomach Doctor, Dr. James Maher specializes in the treatment of liver and gastrointestinal health. Hep C is a virus, which creates a hepatitis illness in your body. If you have Hepatitis C, then find effective treatment with a Brookshire TX liver specialist at Katy Stomach Doctor.

However, it is possible for the Hep C virus to go away on its own. Your body can rid itself of the virus entirely by itself. Through a process called “spontaneous viral clearance,” about one in two people will be completely clear of the virus after infection.

But, if your body does not clear the virus, then Hep C may become long-term or chronic. Chronic Hep C can damage your liver. Most of the damage caused by Hep C to the liver is through inflammation. Hepatitis C creates inflammation in the liver as well as creating scar tissue.

Essentially Hepatitis C without treatment can kill your liver and cause Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis of the liver is serious and life-threatening. It is the final stage of liver damage, and there is usually nothing you can do. At this point, a liver transplant is likely the only solution.

If you feel like you are experiencing symptoms that are related to your liver, we encourage you not to wait. Schedule an appointment with a trusted Brookshire TX liver specialist from Katy Stomach Doctor.

Brookshire, TX Fun Facts:

  • Brookshire became official in 1946.
  • The city is home to many parks and includes a water park.
  • An after school program for teens includes a computer lab, pool and lounge.