Sealy TX Gastro Doctor

Are you looking for a Sealy TX gastro doctor you can trust? Perhaps you’re wondering what a gastro doctor is? Maybe your primary care doctor referred you to one? Or maybe you’re unsure what to expect at your appointment?

A gastro doctor’s technical name is a gastroenterologist, GI doctor for short. You may notice both a gastro doctor and a gastroenterologist have the word “gastro” in them. In Latin, the term “gastro” means the stomach. So, in essence, a gastro doctor is a stomach doctor.

These types of doctors specialize in everything that happens within your digestive system. Some can treat general digestive tract disorders; others focus on a particular area of your digestive system. If your doctor referred you to a stomach doctor, you might be exuding symptoms that relate to a stomach disorder.

Sealy TX Gastro Doctor
Let a Sealy TX Gastro Doctor diagnose your symptoms.

However, there’s no need to panic yet. Sometimes, your doctor is only referring you to a stomach doctor to get additional tests that a general doctor can’t perform. Or perhaps you have a preventable issue that a stomach doctor can better advise you about.

Of course, there are many disorders that relate to the digestive system. If you are experiencing symptoms like abdominal pain, you should talk to your doctor.

A Reliable Sealy TX Gastro Doctor is One that’s Certified

As with all medical experts, a gastro doctor must have a four-year degree and complete four years of medical college. After schooling, they need to go through a training program called a residency.

Usually, aspiring gastro doctors need to complete a residency in internal medicine. This residency typically lasts for three years. Although, they may want more specialized knowledge, and go for another residency afterward. After their residency, they need to receive more specialized training.

This more advanced training program is called a fellowship. This fellowship in gastroenterology lasts another two to three years, and they learn how to perform specific procedures. Once their fellowship ends, they’ll know how to perform operations like an endoscopy.

Only after they’ve completed all that can they attempt a certification exam. The American Board of Internal Medicine administers these exams, and once they pass the exam, they’ll be a “board-certified” gastroenterologist. However, they’ll need to continue taking exams throughout their careers.

Now you know that you’re in capable hands with a certified gastro doctor.

What Gastro Doctors Can Treat

So what can a Sealy TX gastro doctor treat specifically? In essence, they can diagnose and treat anything related to the digestive system. They have a deep understanding of how food moves through your body and its chemical breakdown.

You may be wondering what does the digestive system includes? Your digestive tract includes your mouth, esophagus, stomach, both of the intestines, and rectum. However, a few other essential organs in the digestive system are your liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and biliary ducts.

If you need a gastro doctor, there’s likely something wrong with the way your body is handling food. This can include heartburn, pancreas or large intestine inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, liver disease, colon polyps, or cancer.

Several of those conditions exude apparent symptoms. Others may not show any sign that they exist until it’s almost too late. Some of these conditions are preventable, but only if you see a gastro doctor before they worsen. Others are curable, and there are various treatment plans that can help with them.

Sealy TX Gastro Doctor
Gastro doctors can diagnose the reason behind your symptoms.

Some noticeable symptoms are heartburn, stomach pain, trouble swallowing, ongoing constipation, frequent nausea, or diarrhea. A few more pressing symptoms are yellowing of your skin or blood in your stool. In the chance that you’re experiencing any symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with a stomach doctor soon.

The Possible Treatments and Procedures

Before a gastro doctor can prescribe you medicine or other types of treatment, they need to diagnose you. The most basic kind of procedure is endoscopy. However, they can also perform a colonoscopy and other internal image testing procedures.

An endoscopy is a procedure where the doctor pushes a thin, hollow, flexible tube into your esophagus. A built-in camera at the end of the tube allows the doctor to see inside your digestive tract. But there’s no need to worry about feeling the entire process since they’ll usually give you anesthesia.

With endoscopy, the doctor can see what’s wrong with your esophagus and stomach firsthand. During the procedure, doctors can stretch narrowing areas, retrieve accidentally swallowed items, or treat minor spots of bleeding. If they notice growths like polyps or suspicious tissue, they can remove or extract them for a biopsy. Endoscopy procedures reduce the need for transfusions or surgery.

Another standard procedure gastro doctors perform are colonoscopies. Similar to endoscopies, they insert a tube through your rectum to observe inside your rectum and large intestine.

Speaking of colonoscopies, doctors will recommend you go through with them as you get older. This procedure is a simple method to prevent or detect colon cancer early. Despite being the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S., colon cancer is preventable. If you’re 50 or older, you should go through with a routine checkup, just in case.

Once the doctor figures out what’s causing you pain or problems, there are a number of treatments they can prescribe you. Often, it’s medicines that’ll ease inflammation or help with your issue. Sometimes, they may advise on a new diet that’ll help your digestive system. In the worst cases, they may have to consult a surgeon.

Scheduling an Appointment with a Gastro Doctor

Sealy TX Gastro Doctor
Dr. James Maher is a certified gastro doctor.

Gastro doctors are specialized doctors that focus on the digestive system. Often, your primary care doctor will refer you to one if they can’t solve your stomach issue with their cursory knowledge. Sometimes, you’ll realize something is wrong yourself and seek one out yourself.

From x-rays, endoscopy, or a colonoscopy, gastro doctors can diagnose and treat your digestive disorders. If you realize you’re experiencing specific symptoms that pertain to a digestive disorder, you should schedule a doctor’s appointment soon.

Whether your doctor referred you or you want to come in for a routine checkup, Dr. Maher will welcome you. If you’re looking for a reliable, local Sealy TX gastro doctor, contact the office of Katy Stomach Doctor James Maher today.

Sealy, TX Fun Facts:

  • The town of Sealy was named in honor of George Sealy, a director of the Gulf, Colorado, and Sante Fe Railway.
  • By 1880, it became a new commerical center after San Felipe with the construction of a post office.
  • Sealy is the town where the world-famous Sealy mattreses orginates from.
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