Sealy Texas GI Doctor

If you require healthcare services from the best Sealy Texas GI Doctor, visit Katy Stomach Doctor. When you come into our offices, you will receive a consultation with Dr. James Maher. However, you will obtain more than a simple consultation. During your visit, you can expect to learn the most from the knowledge we will share with you.

Regardless of the reason behind your visit, you can expect to leave the office knowing more about your health. Dr. Maher will take the symptoms you experience and determine if you suffer from a stomach-related condition. Then, he will discuss the causes of this disease and the treatment options you have. In doing so, we work to make you feel safe and well-informed in our environment.

No one will work as much to ensure you have a good experience during your visit. However, at Katy Stomach Doctor, we provide you the most effective healthcare services in your community. That way, you will continue to trust our services to help maintain your health in good condition.

Sealy Texas GI Doctor

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It is essential for you and everyone in your family to care for their health. By visiting a trusted medical professional, you can help keep your health well and enjoy life to the fullest. For the best Sealy Texas GI Doctor, there is no one better than Dr. James Maher.

When looking into a doctor that is qualified to care for you, rest assured that Dr. Maher will exceed your expectations. As a Board Certified Gastroenterologist, he has an extensive educational background. Not only did he graduate from an accelerated program at the Medical College of Virginia, but he did much more.

After that certificate, he moved to complete his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of California, Irvine. Then, he achieved two fellowships from different universities. First, he did a one-year Fellowship in Hepatology at the University of Southern California. The following year, he returned to the University of California, Irvine, where he finished a two-year Fellowship in Gastroenterology.

Katy Stomach Doctor

As you can see, there are various reasons why you should visit Katy Stomach Doctor. You receive the best consultations from the most certified doctor around. With such an educational background, it is no surprise for Dr. Maher to share his knowledge with you.

In doing so, you get the most from our consultations. Also, you can expect us to be by your side throughout any procedure you require. Whenever you experience stomach pain, make sure to visit our offices for a check-up. We will determine if there is a problem and will offer several solutions for it.

At Katy Stomach Doctor, we treat any stomach-related disease and problem. Although Dr. Maher is interested in treating colon cancer and other inflammatory bowel diseases, he can treat various conditions. To learn more about our healthcare services, browse through our online site.

Hemorrhoid Banding

Sealy Texas GI Doctor
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Our lifestyle choices come to play a significant role in our health. Like with most diseases, poor diet and lack of exercise can contribute to hemorrhoids. Other risk factors that can promote hemorrhoids include constipation, low-fat diet, and more. Also, pregnancy, inactivity, and heavy lifting can develop hemorrhoids.

There are two types of hemorrhoids that people can develop, internal and external hemorrhoids. Although external hemorrhoids are more painful, they are both known to cause discomfort. However, there are a few slight differences between the symptoms both bring.

For instance, a person with external hemorrhoids may experience anal discomfort, sore lumps near the anus, and pain while sitting. On the other hand, people with internal hemorrhoids may suffer from pain and blood when attempting to pass stool.

To treat this condition, Dr. Maher will offer you a hemorrhoid banding treatment. This non-surgical procedure is painless and quick. With a suction device, we will work to place a band on your hemorrhoid. Afterward, hemorrhoids will shrivel and soon pass through your stool.

Upper GI Endoscopy

Another procedure that we can perform is an Upper GI Endoscopy. Also known as an EGD, this medical procedure is used to observe the inside of your upper digestive tract. Dr. Maher will carefully insert a tube through your mouth and begin to investigate and diagnose your digestive system.

Usually, we recommend this procedure to anyone seeking to identify changes in their esophagus or stomach. If you are experiencing chest or abdominal pain, vomiting, or heartburn, you should consult with Dr. Maher. The same goes for anyone experiencing bleeding, problems when swallowing, and inflammation.

If you will be getting an Upper GI Endoscopy, there is some preparation needed. For one, we will ask that you fast for about eight hours before the procedure. Also, you must inform us if you are pregnant or allergic to any medications. Lastly, you will require to have a designated driver take you home.


Sealy Texas GI Doctor
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When looking to reduce the risk of colon cancer, we recommend a colonoscopy. This 30-minute test will detect any changes in your colon and rectum. We will insert a tube into your rectum and observe for any abnormalities.

If there is abnormal tissue present, we can remove it during this procedure. Once complete, we will notify you of our findings. If no changes are present, your test result will be negative. On the contrary, a positive result means we found abnormal tissue in your colon.

While not all abnormalities are cancerous, we will reassure you by sending your work to the lab. There, we will analyze your tissue sample and determine if it is cancerous, precancerous, or non-cancerous. Depending on the results, we will offer future screening.

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For the most effective healthcare services, come to Katy Stomach Doctor. No matter the stomach problem you have, rest assured we can help treat it. To learn more about us, visit us online or call us at 281-945-5190. Dr. James Maher is the most knowledgeable and caring Sealy Texas GI Doctor!

Sealy Texas Fun Facts

  • By 1879, Sealy was founded and named in honor of George Sealy.
  • In 1880, a post office was established, and soon many residents moved from San Felipe to Sealy.
  • Daniel Haynes came to the town of Sealy and invented a machine to manufacture a felted cotton, non-tufted mattress.
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