Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Specialists

If you’re looking for Brookshire TX gastrointestinal specialists, visit the office of Katy Stomach Doctor James Maher. With a board-certified gastroenterologist at our helm, we can help you with any digestive issues you may have.

Perhaps you’re wondering what these specialists are. Or maybe you want to know what part of the medical field these specialists focus on. Or perhaps you’re wondering what they can diagnose and treat.

In Latin, the word “gastro” means stomach. So if you split the word, “gastrointestinal” means the stomach and the intestines. That means gastrointestinal specialists, or GI specialists for short, are doctors that focus on the digestive system.

Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Specialists
Brookshire, TX Gastrointestinal Specialists know about your digestive system.

So what does the digestive system include? It includes the entire digestive tract and any connecting organs. The digestive tract begins in the mouth to the esophagus and then into the stomach. From the stomach, it goes into your small and large intestines and finally through your rectum.

However, those are not the only organs in the digestive system. The system also includes the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and biliary ducts.

Since these doctors have more knowledge on the subject, your primary care doctor may recommend one to you. Also called stomach doctors or gastro doctors, these specialists can treat digestive disorders. Some symptoms can include abdominal pain and general stomach pain.

So if you experience any digestive issues, be sure to visit your local stomach doctor’s medical office.

Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Specialists’ Training

How can you be sure that a GI doctor knows what they’re talking about? Most are board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. But before they can take the certification test, they have to go through a lengthy training process.

After getting an undergraduate degree, they move on to a four-year medical college. Once they graduate from medical college, they go through a three-year training program called a residency.

With a focus on internal medicine, this residency allows them to work alongside experienced gastro doctors. With an experienced doctor to guide them, they can gain experience in the field.

When their residency is completed, they move onto another two or three-year training program called a fellowship. This fellowship allows potential doctors to receive specialized training. This training includes experience with endoscopic procedures.

Only once they go through the training phase can they take the exam. After passing the exam, the American Board of Internal Medicine certifies them. With their expertise and experience, you can be sure they have an accurate diagnosis and treatment plans for you.

Disorders We Can Diagnose and Treat

Brookshire TX gastrointestinal specialists can diagnose and treat disorders relating to the digestive system. As one of the most expansive and vital systems in the body, a lot can go wrong. Many symptoms can overlap with one another, so that a minor issue can be a warning sign for a significant problem.

GI specialists can handle minor issues like lactose intolerance or stomachaches. But they can also diagnose more significant issues like acid reflux, hepatitis C, and ulcers. Some of the significant issues they try to prevent or locate early are liver, stomach, or colon cancers.

Some of the common symptoms are stomach pain, frequent diarrhea or nausea, having trouble swallowing, or bloody stool. These symptoms can mean something’s wrong with the way your body is handling food. You may have inflammation or ulcers inside. Or something is causing internal bleeding, which is causing you pain.

So if you experience any symptoms, you should let us check it out. Even minor issues can grow worse the longer you put them off.

Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Specialists
Drinking too much alcohol can lead to liver problems.

Procedures and Possible Treatment Plans

Before a GI specialist can start you on a treatment plan, they have to diagnose you first. Your gastro doctor has several methods they can use to figure out precisely what’s wrong. One of the more common ways is an endoscopic procedure.

During an endoscopic procedure, the doctor uses a thin, hollow tube with a built-in camera. They’ll insert the tube through your esophagus into the stomach. The camera allows them to observe your insides and figure out what’s wrong. And if they find any suspicious tissues or spots, they can take a sample during the procedure for a biopsy.

Similar to an endoscopy, a GI specialist can also perform a colonoscopy. This procedure also uses a tube with a built-in camera, but it focuses on different organs. Instead, the doctor will observe the insides of your rectum and large intestines instead. This procedure is a standard colon cancer screening test.

If those procedures don’t work or don’t cross off enough, they can also take specialized x-rays. The more they know about what’s causing you issues, the better diagnosis they can give you.

Once they know what’s wrong, they can start you on the best treatment plan. Most of the time, your doctor may prescribe you medicines to help with the symptoms. Other times, they may suggest changes to your diet. For example, they may request you cut back on alcohol to allow your liver to recover.

However, if the situation progresses too far or no one catches the issue in time, your doctor may consult a surgeon. But before it gets to that point, your doctor will try all other solutions first before bringing up surgery.

Contacting a Gastro Doctor’s Office

Brookshire TX Gastrointestinal Specialists
Call our office for an appointment with a stomach doctor.

From when you eat food to when it leaves your body, your digestive system does a lot of work. If something goes wrong, it can affect more than your stomach. Even tiny issues can grow worse and start affecting the rest of your body. So you should notify your doctors if you experience any out-of-place digestive symptoms.

Any medical procedure has its risks and possible side effects. That’s why you want to go to a doctor you know you can trust. At the office of Katy Stomach Doctor James Maher, we have a board-certified gastroenterology specialist. With his expertise and knowledge, he can diagnose and answer any questions you have about your digestive system.

For more information, you can call the office of Katy Stomach Doctor James Maher or set an appointment online. Visit us soon to meet certified Brookshire TX gastrointestinal specialists.

Brookshire, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Brookshire was incorporated as a city on May, 24, 1946.
  • The city was named in honor of Nathan Brookshire, a captain in the Texan Army that stormed and captured Bexar.
  • Situated on I-10, the area is one of the fastest growing region in the U.S.
  • For more fun facts, visit Brookshire’s official site.