Brookshire TX Endoscopy Center

If you’re looking for a Brookshire TX endoscopy center, one of the best clinics you can visit is Katy Stomach Doctor. Dr. James Maher is a board-certified gastroenterologist with extensive experience performing endoscopy procedures. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing that a reliable specialist is at the helm of your endoscopy procedure.

Brookshire TX Endoscopy Center
What you eat greatly affects the overall health of your stomach.

So what is an endoscopy procedure? It’s a procedure that involves maneuvering a thin tube into your body to inspect the insides of your digestive tract. A tiny camera is at the very end of the tube, which allows the doctor to inspect everything through a screen. There’s no need for surgery with this procedure, and it is a simple way to screen cancer or other digestive disorders.

Like any medical procedure, you want to entrust it to someone you trust. That someone is usually very knowledgeable in the field or has a lot of experience. Although most endoscopic procedures are risk-free, knowing a specialist is handling them can further reduce the chance of error. That’s why you should visit the clinic of Katy Stomach Doctor James Maher.

Why You Would Visit a Brookshire TX Endoscopy Center

There are a few reasons why you would visit an endoscopy center. Sometimes, it’s because your primary doctor referred you to a stomach doctor. That’s because stomach doctors have more specialized knowledge about gastrointestinal diseases. So, going to an endoscopy center usually means they suspect that you have a digestive disorder.

These disorders affect anything in your digestive system. The organs and ducts in your digestive system include the following:

Brookshire TX Endoscopy Center
Our Brookshire TX Endoscopy Center can diagnose any digestive disorders you may be experiencing.
  • Mouth
  • Esophagus
  • Liver
  • Stomach
  • Gallbladder
  • Pancrease
  • Large & Small Intestines
  • Rectum

Some common symptoms of digestive issues are abdominal pain, frequent or constant nausea, or constipation. If you can’t explain why the symptom is happening, you should call a stomach doctor. Although some symptoms may seem mundane, they can be more significant. Not to mention, most digestive disorders’ symptoms overlap each other, so only a specialist will know what it is exactly.

Another reason why people visit an endoscopy center is for cancer screenings. One of the major cancers an endoscopy center can find is colon cancer. You’ll hear your doctors suggest you get a colonoscopy or similar as you draw closer to 50. That’s because certain digestive cancers are more likely to happen around that age.

Cancers like colon cancer are entirely preventable if your stomach doctor catches it in time. The specialists can also take care of further diagnosis and treatment as well.

The Procedures at a Brookshire Endoscopy Center

A Brookshire TX endoscopy center specializes in finding and treating your digestive disorders. To do so, the center offers several different tests so that they can pinpoint the cause of your issue. Some of them are endoscopic procedures. However, some other procedures use less intrusive means.

  • Endoscopy – Upper GI

As mentioned before, an endoscopic procedure is where the doctor inspects your insides with a camera. Of course, the patient will be sedated beforehand to not feel anything during the procedure. The doctor will insert the camera via a tube through the patient’s mouth and down their esophagus. This procedure allows them to visually check the state of your esophagus down to the tip of your small intestine.

  • Colonoscopy

This procedure is technically still an endoscopy. However, instead of focusing on the insides of your stomach, it focuses on your large intestine and rectum instead. This procedure is the easiest and most surefire way for stomach doctors to catch or prevent colon cancer.

  • Biopsy

The doctor will remove a part of your digestive system’s tissue and examine it more closely. For some diseases, this may be one of the only ways to confirm what it is exactly.

  • Scans & Ultrasounds

For some patients, it may not be safe or advisable for them to go through an endoscopic procedure. In those cases, the stomach doctor can refer to less intrusive means. Although it’s not as accurate as an endoscopy, they can examine various scans. With these scans, they can come up with a hypothesis on what’s causing your digestive issue.

Preparing for an Endoscopic Procedure

Brookshire TX Endoscopy Center
Call our office for an appointment with a stomach doctor.

If you have an appointment with Dr. James Maher for an endoscopic procedure, you may need to undergo some prep. He’ll tell you the specifics and may prescribe you some medicine for the day prior to your procedure. He’ll also advise you to come on an empty stomach the day of your appointment. Of course, there’s a reason for that.

Since the procedure involves the doctor looking into your digestive system, you want your system to be as clean as possible. During the procedure, the doctor will be looking for suspicious tissue or growths on the inner lining of your digestive tract. The cleaner your insides are, the less likely a mistake can occur.

The procedure prep differs slightly for different types of endoscopies. Depending on which procedure you’re undergoing, the doctor may suggest something different.

If anything, we highly recommend that you bring someone with you. To ensure that you don’t experience any discomfort, we sedate the patients during the procedure. Because of that, you may not be able to shake off the medication enough to drive home.

Visiting the Clinic of Katy Stomach Doctor

Whether your primary doctor referred you or you want a cancer screening, our clinic can take care of you. With a certified gastro specialist here, we can help ease your digestive issues. Our endoscopy center can diagnose most digestive issues and treat them afterward.

And if you’re looking for a basic colorectal cancer screening, we can take care of you too. Dr. James Maher has the experience to handle various endoscopic procedures. So if you’re feeling any irregular stomach symptoms, don’t be afraid to contact us.

Our office accepts most major insurance plans, so call today to schedule an appointment. Our office accepts everyone within and around the Katy area. So, don’t wait for your symptoms to worsen with time. Visit our Brookshire TX endoscopy center today.

Brookshire, Texas Fun Facts:

  • This town was named after Nathan Brookshire, a captain in the Texas Army that participated in capturing Bexar.
  • It became an official city in May of 1946.
  • Now, it’s one of the fastest growing residential regions in the U.S.
  • For more fun facts, visit the town’s official page.