The Benefits of a High Fiber Diet

A high-fiber diet can provide many health benefits. Firstly, it may help treat chronic constipation and improve the quality of stool. Moreover, a high-fiber diet may also decrease the incidence of colon cancer while also improving markers of fecal inflammation and intestinal symbiosis in parties with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

The Benefits of a High Fiber Diet
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A consultation with a gastroenterologist will provide more insight into the benefits of a high-fiber diet, specifically how it can benefit you. A study recently compared Kiwi fruit, prunes, and psyllium for the treatment of chronic constipation. The study found that consuming kiwi results in less bloating. Moreover, kiwi offers the greatest improvement in stool quality in comparison to the other options.

The Benefits of a High Fiber Diet
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If you have recently started struggling with constipation then a consultation with a gastroenterologist would be best. A consultation allows for further evaluation of possible causes including colon cancer and other obstructive lessons. In the absence of any findings, a high-fiber diet is usually recommended. Most dietary fiber and fiber supplements result in gas and bloating. According to the previously mentioned study, kiwi appears to be more tolerable. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with an experienced and trusted gastroenterologist, contact Katy Stomach Doctor today.

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