Sealy TX Gastrointestinal Specialists

Are you looking for Sealy TX gastrointestinal specialists that can help you with your digestive issue? Our medical office can help you with whatever gastrointestinal disorder you may have.

Perhaps you’re wondering what gastrointestinal specialists specialize in. Or maybe you’re wondering what we can diagnose or what procedures we handle. Or perhaps your primary care doctor sent you our way for a screening of some sort.

Sealy TX Gastrointestinal Specialists
Gastro doctors study how your digestive system absorbs and breaks down nutrients from food.

Regardless, gastrointestinal specialists are medical professionals that specialize in one of the systems of our body. In Latin, the word “gastro” means stomach. So breaking down the word “gastrointestinal” would mean the stomach and intestines. So by definition, our specialists focus on the stomach and intestines, which are both a part of the digestive system.

Other names for these specialists are stomach doctors, gastro doctors, or even GI doctors. If you have a digestive issue, you can visit your nearest stomach doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment.

Sealy TX Gastrointestinal Specialists

As specialists, we have more knowledge and a better understanding of the digestive system than your typical doctor. Our specialists know how the digestive system processes and breaks down the food you eat into nutrients for the body. They also know the signs your body shows when that process goes wrong.

So what does the digestive system include? This system includes your digestive tract. The digestive tract begins from your mouth to your esophagus and then through your stomach. After food flow through the stomach, it passes through the small and large intestines and rectum.

However, it doesn’t end there. Your digestive system also includes the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and biliary ducts. Although these organs don’t directly connect to the system, they help monitor and break down the food you eat.

If anything goes wrong with any of these organs, it can worsen over time and affect its neighboring organs. Even if it’s a minor symptom, get a doctor to check it out in case it’s the start of something serious. Not to mention, if you’re experiencing any digestive systems like abdominal pain or rectal bleeding, it’s best you visit us soon.

The Digestive System and Its Disorders

Sealy TX Gastrointestinal Specialists
Let our Sealy TX Gastrointestinal Specialists diagnose and treat you.

There are many disorders and diseases that stem from our digestive system. Some of them are minor problems like lactose intolerance or stomachaches, but others can be dangerous.

A few significant diseases and disorders gastro doctors can diagnose and handle include digestive cancers. These cancers include stomach cancer, liver cancer, and colon cancer. Some of these are treatable in the early stages. And some are even preventable if the doctor can catch it early enough.

However, they can also find signs of other disorders. Among them is Crohn’s disease, which is the inflammation of the inner lining of one or your digestive organs. It can cause abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, weight loss, and malnutrition.

Other conditions include ulcers, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and hepatitis C. Not to mention, they can also treat jaundice, internal hemorrhoids and find the cause of your bloody stool.

So if you ever experience abdominal pain, unexplained bloody stool, or have difficulty swallowing, you should see a gastro doctor. Most of these symptoms spell signs of something wrong with your digestive system. And since most of these disorders’ symptoms overlap, you won’t know what exactly is wrong without seeing a doctor.

Procedures and Treatments We Handle

Before Sealy TX gastrointestinal specialists can start you on a treatment plan, they need to diagnose you. Your doctor has several diagnoses and screening methods to figure out what’s causing your issue. Your typical gastro doctor has a variety of endoscopic procedures they can use to view inside your digestive organs.

Endoscopies are an excellent way to reduce the need for surgery. During an endoscopy, the doctor will use a thin, hollow tube with a built-in camera. While you’re sedated, they’ll pass the tube through your esophagus so that they can inspect inside your stomach. If there is any suspicious tissue, they can take samples for a biopsy.

Similarly, gastro doctors can also perform colonoscopies. The process is essentially the same, although they’ll focus the camera through a different set of organs: your colon and rectum. Gastro doctors will often use this procedure to screen for colon cancer. However, they may suggest this if they suspect other colon disorders.

Once your doctor figures out what disorder is causing you problems, they can set you on a treatment plan. Most are treatable with various types of medicine that target your symptoms. For example, they may prescribe a medicine that can help with inflammation in one of your organs.

Other times, they may suggest a change in diet. If you have a liver issue, they may suggest cutting back on alcohol. Or maybe they’ll suggest eating a healthier or simpler diet so your stomach can heal.

In the worst-case scenarios, they may have to consult a surgeon. If an issue isn’t caught in time, you’ll have to consider surgery. When it comes to digestive surgery, it can include organ transplants or removing tumors. These cases are usually the last case choice, and the doctor will try every other solution first.

Scheduling an Appointment with Us

Sealy TX Gastrointestinal Specialists
Dr. James Maher is board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.

Regardless if you need a medical procedure a simple diagnosis, you want to visit a capable doctor. Doctor James Maher is a board-certified GI specialist with the American Board of Internal Medicine. With his expertise and experience, he can find and treat your digestive issues.

There are several types of digestive disorders, from minor to significant ones. GI specialists can diagnose and treat them for you. If you experience any symptoms, be sure to contact one just in case. Most of these disorders may start small, but they can worsen if you leave them alone.

So please don’t wait until it’s too late and we have to take worst-case measures. Visit or call to schedule an appointment with the office of Katy Stomach Doctor James Maher today. We are Sealy TX gastrointestinal specialists that you can trust with your digestive issues.

Sealy, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Although Sealy is part of Austin County, it’s closer to Katy and Houston than Austin.
  • Originally, San Felipe sold the land to the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad to create the town.
  • In honor of that, they named the town after one of the Railroad’s major stock holders, George Sealy.
  • For more fun facts, visit Sealy’s official site.