Sealy TX Gastro Doctor Near Me

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What is Gastroenterology?

When you eat, a lot of stuff has to happen for you to get nutrients out of the food before you excrete it at the other end of your digestive system. Your pancreas, liver, stomach, and intestines all interact with and pull nutrients from that food. If something concerning happens and you are unable to adequately pull what you need out of the food, then you may need to see a specialist for the diagnosis and treatment of gastroenterology and internal medicine.

Gastroenterology is the study of the usual function of the digestive system. This includes organs like the esophagus, stomach, liver, intestines, and colon. A gastroenterologist studies and treats the diseases that prevent the typical inner workings of these digestive organs.

These diseases can include liver, bowel, and digestive diseases as well as abdominal pain. All of the activities and diseases fall into the realm of what gastroenterologists study and treat.

A gastroenterologist requires a long time in medical school to receive their certification. After medical college, they have to spend two to three years doing their internal medicine residency followed by another two to three years focusing their training on a fellowship in gastroenterology.

By the time that they have completed all of their training, including medical school, these specialists have spent nearly a decade studying the inner workings of the body and treating GI issues.

Common Digestive Problems

Sealy TX Gastro Doctor Near Me
Visit a stomach doctor if you’re feeling abdominal pain.

Though everyone at some point experiences some kind of digestive issue, few people would openly discuss it. They may not enjoy discussing the issues, but everyone has had stomach trouble or some other issue that makes their digestive system act up. However, being silent on the issue does not mean you are struggling alone.

1. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is the medical term for what is commonly known as acid reflux. Acid reflux is a feeling of stomach acid backing up into the upper chest and throat, causing a burning sensation.

2. Gallstones

Gallstones are sediment deposits that settle in your gallbladder. These block bile ducts and cause sharp pains if not treated.

3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a disease that includes abdominal cramping and a shift in normal bowel function over a consistent period of time.

4. Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease involves a sensitivity to gluten. This sensitivity to gluten makes your immune system attack your intestines. This damages your body and can be difficult to trace back to the source.

5. Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Crohn’s disease can cause weight loss, fever, and pain by affecting any part of the GI tract. However, it mostly affects the colon and small bowel. Ulcerative Colitis has similar symptoms, but it is limited to only the large intestine.

6. Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures

Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures feel painful when sitting or using the restroom. They are different, though. A hemorrhoid is a swollen blood vessel at the end of your digestive tract. An anal fissure is a tear.

When to Seek Medical Treatment

Sealy TX Gastro Doctor Near Me
Sealy TX Gastro Doctor Near Me

These symptoms by themselves are not necessarily a call to immediately head to a specialist; however, if they are consistently an issue, you may need to visit one soon. These signs are often painful deviations from the usual digestive function.

You also ought to be aware that you should visit a gastroenterologist regularly once you pass the age of fifty. Once you pass that age, you are more vulnerable to complications related to intestinal problems.

Some of the warning signs that you ought to visit a gastroenterology specialist are consistent, ongoing constipation that does not respond to over-the-counter treatments, sickness or vomiting, abdominal pain, chronic heartburn, diarrhea, or blood in the stool.

Again, while these complaints are not sufficient reason to visit the doctor on their own, they do serve as a warning when they become chronic.

One of the common concerns that GI specialists treat is colorectal cancer. They are more accurate with performing endoscopic procedures, so they are often the first to catch that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. From there, they work with an oncologist to form a plan for treating the disease and giving the patient a healthier life.

Tips for Finding a Gastroenterologist

If you really require a gastroenterologist, you may not know at first how to schedule an appointment with the right one. To remove some of that stress, follow this plan to find the right doctor for you.

First, get referrals. Follow the list your primary care physician gives you, but you can also get recommendations from friends and family. The more people you are recommended, the better your search will be.

Second, research the doctor. Investigate their credentials. You want to have someone with sufficient experience to help you with your complicated problems.

Third, consider gender. You want to work with a doctor you are comfortable with. This may mean working with someone of your same gender.

Fourth, research the hospital. The hospital’s quality is representative of the quality of care you will receive, so making sure you are comfortable with the hospital is important.

Fifth, evaluate communication style. How you talk with your doctor is important to how you learn about your treatments. If your doctor has a communication style that does not match yours, they may not be right for you.

Finally, know what your insurance will cover. Knowing what treatment options are available to you is important. This lets you get the proper treatment without having to break the bank.

Sealy TX Gastro Doctor Near Me

Sealy TX Gastro Doctor Near Me
Trust Dr. James Maher to give you the care you need.

At the practice of the Katy Stomach Doctor, we know how important quality care is to our patients. That is why we are led by a board-certified gastroenterologist. Dr. James Maher has the most experience possible to provide you with the quality, effective healthcare you need to keep you healthy.

If you are looking for a Sealy TX Gastro Doctor Near Me, you need to contact the Katy Stomach Doctor, James Maher, M.D.

Sealy, TX Fun Facts

  • In the early 1820s, Anglo-American settlement a few miles to the northeast of the Sealy vicinity.
  • Daniel Haynes came to Sealy in 1881, and in 1885, he invented a process that allowed for the manufacture of a felted, non-tufted cotton mattress.
  • In 1944, the Sealy Volunteer Firemen’s Association purchased the Liedertafel for hosting the annual Firemen’s Frolic and other local social affairs.
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