Hemorrhoid Banding Katy

​Hemorrhoid Banding

There are two kinds of hemorrhoids: internal and external. Both can be painful although the external is typically more painful than the internal. Both are treatable with absolutely zero pain ensued through Katy Stomach Doctor hemorrhoid banding treatment.

How do Hemorrhoids Happen?

As with most diseases, poor diet and lack of exercise can be big contributors to hemorrhoids. On that same note however, there are other factors that contribute to the promotion and prevalence of hemorrhoids. These include but are not limited to risk factors such as:

  • Constipation
  • Low fat diet
  • Pregnancy
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Heavy lifting

​How Do I Know if I Have Hemorrhoids?

​The symptoms of hemorrhoids differ slightly according to if it is internal or external hemorrhoids. If you exhibit external hemorrhoids, you would be exhibiting:

  • Anal discomfort (itching and pain)
  • Sore lumps near the anus
  • Pain while sitting or when attempting to sit.

If you exhibit internal hemorrhoids, you will more likely experience:

  • Discomfort and pain while attempting to pass stool
  • Blood in the stool

It is common to experience blood in the stool with both internal and external hemorrhoids, however the source of that blood is where the difference lies. Internal hemorrhoids are, as the name states, internal. These hemorrhoids lie under the lining of the lower rectum and whenever they are irritated, you’re likely to see blood before you really feel the blood. With external hemorrhoids, because they are under the skin around your anus, you are more likely to feel the effects of bleeding due to the strain or pressure from attempting to pass stool.

What Exactly is Hemorrhoid Banding?

Hemorrhoid banding is a painless, non-surgical solution offered at Katy Stomach Doctor that only takes 1 minute (or even less) to complete. Dr. James Maher uses the CRH O’Regan System which is a painless treatment that doesn’t require you to make any changes ,such as fasting or having to undergo sedation, before or after the procedure. In fact, you can carry on with your day as normal once the treatment is completed.

The doctor takes a light suction device, gently maneuvers it into the anal area and places a band on the hemorrhoid. Only one band is used to the afflicted area per treatment to ensure that the area has time to heal. That’s it! The hemorrhoid then shrivels up and eventually passes through your stool.

What to Do if I Have Hemorrhoids?

​Upon realizing that one has hemorrhoids, it is important to immediately reach out for medical assistance. If you believe that you have any of these symptoms and hemorrhoids seems like something you might possess, give Dr. James Maher at Katy Stomach Doctor a call today.