Katy TX Colon Rectal Specialists

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Katy TX Colon Rectal Specialists

Katy TX colon rectal specialists
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If, after an initial consultation, it is determined you need it, Dr. Maher will perform a colonoscopy. This is a procedure that will allow the doctor to see inside your colon (large intestine). The colonoscopy entails inserting a long, flexible tube into your rectum and moved to your colon.

The tube has a tiny, but powerful special light and camera combo to give the doctor a visual. This procedure will typically take half an hour to an hour. However, there is a lot to be gained by this procedure that can benefit you in the long run.

The Katy TX colon rectal specialists, in this case, Dr. Maher, can use the colonoscopy tube to:

  • Clean out the lining of your colon with the water jet function of the tube.
  • Work inside your bowel with tools if needed.
  • Inject air to puff the bowel up, thus making the area more visible.
  • Use the suction device to remove any liquid stools.

At this time, a biopsy can also be performed, in which the doctor removes tissue or abnormal growths for more examination. It will take some time for Dr. Maher to get back to the patient with any findings gathered from the colonoscopy.

Do I Need A Colonoscopy?

Katy TX colon rectal specialists
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You should never self-diagnose using the internet. If you believe there is a real problem that made you look to the internet in the first place, give us a call! After a consultation, Dr. Maher might suggest this procedure to certain people.

An example of reasons you should bring this procedure up with the doctor is if you notice:

  • A drastic change in bowel habits
  • Discomfort in the lower abdomen
  • Weightloss with no explanation
  • Fatigue or unexplained iron-deficiency
  • Blood in your stool

Why Do You Need A Colonoscopy?

Again, there are many benefits to getting a colonoscopy in terms of preventative measures. One being that a colonoscopy can screen for colon cancer and rectal cancer. This is to get a jump of cancer by finding it before it spreads. A colonoscopy can also be used at the end of cancer treatments to make sure that it was all eradicated.

Colonoscopies will also find bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract if there is any. If any abnormal growths are found during the colonoscopy, they can be biopsied and sent off. If your results are negative, the typical time for your next colonoscopy would be 10 years.

However, if any of your results come back positive, then Dr. Mather will sit down with you to discuss what the next steps would be. Your biopsy sample will be sent out for further analysis so as to gain confirmation. Typically a biopsy takes a few days to be analyzed.

The Before

Before a colonoscopy, you need to take preparation steps. Such as taking laxatives and having any medications adjusted prior to the procedure. There will also be a dietary restriction in place up to two days before the procedure.

This diet will be in effect a few days leading up to the procedure to clear your bowels. Meaning you will need to eat a low-fiber diet. Then the day before the procedure, no solid foods, then the day of only liquids.

In addition, you need to arrange for a designated driver as you will not be able to handle heavy machinery such as a vehicle. The anesthetics used during the procedure will enable you from driving and going in to work for the day.

The After

After the colonoscopy, it is common to feel bloated. It is also common to find small amounts of blood in your first bowel movement after the procedure. Still, if you continue to bleed, experience a high fever, or clotting, seek medical help immediately.

Dr. Maher normally prescribes his patients with anti-inflammatory drugs before moving on to other types. The other types being things of immune system suppressors and antibiotic nature. These medication options will reduce any inflammation or drainage.

In the first 24 hours after, you will also need to watch what you eat. Avoid foods that are high in fiber or over-the-counter supplements. Do not drink any alcohol. However, do drink plenty of liquids such as water or fluids that contain sorbitol.

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Katy TX colon rectal specialists
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