Fulshear TX hemorrhoid doctor

If your hemorrhoids have got you down, be sure to call Dr. James Maher, the best Fulshear TX hemorrhoid doctor in town. Dr. Maher has years of experience providing a wide array of gastrointestinal services, including treatments and testing for acid reflux, liver disease, colon cancer, and more.

What is a gastroenterologist?

Fulshear TX hemorrhoid doctor
Gastroenterologists specialize in treating digestive tract disorders.

A gastroenterologist, also called a GI specialist, treats diseases and disorders of the stomach, intestines, and colon. After basic medical college courses, gastroenterologists take advanced courses on the GI tract and undergo extensive training. So, GIs can diagnose and treat more GI problems than a general practitioner.

Why was I referred to a Fulshear TX hemorrhoid doctor?

Primary care doctors are excellent at diagnosing a broad range of health problems. However, their specialty is in diagnosing common diseases for all parts of the body. If someone has a more complex case or needs surgery on their GI tract, their primary care doctor will refer them to a GI specialist.

What is a hemorrhoid?

A hemorrhoid is a bulging blood vessel or vein. No one is regularly getting up close and personal with their backside, so most people do not realize that they have veins in that area. But you do–both outside and immediately inside your rectum.

There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal and external. Doctors use different treatments for internal and external hemorrhoids. In addition, the symptoms are different between the two types.

External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are usually the ones that cause pain and itching. Sitting down can be very uncomfortable, especially for long periods.

Treatment for mild external hemorrhoids is fairly straightforward. In fact, most people are embarrassed about hemorrhoids and will try over-the-counter remedies before heading to a GI specialist.

Fulshear TX hemorrhoid doctor
Internal and external hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels or veins.

Now, it’s ok to skip the visit, so long as you don’t have any red-flag symptoms. The big one is bleeding.

If you only saw a few drops of blood after you wiped, and it only happened one time, you can probably wait to see a Fulshear TX hemorrhoid doctor. However, if it’s more than just a drop or happens more than once, you need to seek professional help.

Internal hemorrhoids

A lot of patients don’t realize they have internal hemorrhoids because mild internal hemorrhoids usually cause few symptoms. However, there are a few clues.

Itching: Though external hemorrhoids are usually the itch makers, internal Hemorrhoids can cause itching.

Drops of blood: Internal hemorrhoids are more likely to bleed than external ones. However, if you keep seeing blood–even just a few drops–at every bathroom visit, you should seek professional help. It’s possible something more serious is causing the bleeding.

A bulge-like sensation: To be blunt, you might feel swollen back there. If you’re experiencing a bulging sensation, you may have more advanced internal hemorrhoids.

Like external hemorrhoids, you can try to treat internal hemorrhoids with over-the-counter remedies before heading to a GI doctor. However, since many people don’t notice symptoms until they experience a bulging feeling or see blood, a doctor will most likely be the first person to give you the news.

What causes a hemorrhoid?

Pressure causes hemorrhoids. When you bear down, you create a lot of pressure on all your veins, especially those around and in your rectum.

If you strain too much or too long, you’ll irritate the vein, and it will swell. Doctors call swollen vein around the rectum hemorrhoids.

How can I prevent hemorrhoids?

The easiest way to prevent hemorrhoids is to keep your digestive tract healthy. So, what does that mean? There are multiple things you can do to maintain a healthy gut.

Eat your fruit and vegetables: Constipation is the number one cause of hemorrhoids. Fruits and veggies help ward off constipation because they keep food moving smoothly through your digestive tract.

Exercise: This seems to be an annoying go-to answer for just about every health issue. However, exercise truly does help your gut. Exercise is another way to keep food moving through your body. In fact, doctors often recommend that patients who are constipated should try to be more active.

Stay hydrated: Water helps keep your digestive tract healthy. If your gut is dried out, it can’t move food as well. Fun fact, most constipation medicines force your body to suck more fluid (water) into your digestive tract. And that’s how you get relief.

Go when nature calls: Sometimes, the urge to go to the bathroom is at the worst possible moment, so we postpone a trip to the porcelain throne. However, when you refuse to let your body go, you’ll struggle to go the next time nature gives a ring.

What are the treatment options for hemorrhoids?

Doctors use different treatment services for internal versus external hemorrhoids. Further, doctors treat internal hemorrhoids based on how advanced they are.


Doctors usually use conservative treatments like over-the-counter creams. In addition, your doctor will ask you to eat more fiber. Finally, he will likely stress that stressing on the toilet should not be done.


There are four grades of hemorrhoids. Doctors treat internal hemorrhoids based on their grade.

Grade 1: Here, the hemorrhoid is slightly swollen and still inside the rectum. Treatment is usually over-the-counter creams and diet changes.

Grade 2: The hemorrhoid is still inside but your doctor might be able to see it when you strain. The first line of treatment is still over-the-counter cream and diet changes.

Grade 3: Hemorrhoid prolapses (fancy for fall out) when you strain. However, it can be pushed back inside. Surgery may be required.

Grade 4: The hemorrhoid has fallen out and a doctor cannot manually place it back in. Surgery is required to remove the hemorrhoid.

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Fulshear TX hemorrhoid doctor
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