Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists

If you’re experiencing pain in your colon and rectal area, you should be treated by our Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists at Stomach Doctor Katy. Specifically, you should seek out medical attention from Dr. James Maher M.D., a gastroenterology specialist with over 20 plus years of experience treating thousands of patients.

About Dr. James Maher

Maher’s expertise comes from his extensive research and education in internal medicine. His knowledge has also stemmed from his work with the gastroenterology fellowship, where he received the certification needed to diagnose and treat patients suffering from rectal and colon illnesses.

Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists
Having uncomfortable issues with your rectum? Our Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists can help you find relief.

With this in mind, seeing our certified and patient-friendly specialist is an easy choice to make. This is especially true if your colon and rectal issues are causing symptoms such as rectal bleeding, fatigue, bloody stool, and fevers.

You shouldn’t have to continue to suffer any longer. If you’re struggling with abdominal pain as a result of your rectal and colon issues, then you should come to see our primary Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists Dr. Maher today for a colonoscopy.

Why A Colonoscopy Diagnosis Matters

In science, it’s always important to test the theories before making concrete on issues. It’s the same thing with medical care and the use of diagnostic tests.

Even with Dr. Maher’s years of experience treating gastrointestinal issues in patients, he still must complete certain tests in order to ensure that his assessment of your issues is right on the money.

Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists
Our staff is ready to assist you in every possible way. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Therefore, we introduce the use of colonoscopy. This procedure involves the use of a small camera inside a flexible tube. Gastroenterology health experts use the tube to evaluate the colon’s condition and identify the underlying cause of the illness. Your doctor will insert the tube into your rectum. This is where it can receive a clear picture of what’s going on.

The use of colonoscopy has allowed gastrointestinal specialists to accurately diagnose patients for colon cancer, Crohn’s disease, and other major issues.

What Happens After Colonoscopy

We urge all of our patients who have to come in for a colonoscopy to be aware of the after-effects that come with the procedure. 

You’ll likely need someone to take you home due to the anesthetic. You likely won’t be able to continue your normal activities for a day or two. This is because, in addition to the anesthetic, patients are likely to pass gas and defecate a bit more profusely than normal.

This process may be a bit uncomfortable for some. However, doctors administer colonoscopies to patients in order to find out the root cause of their colon and rectal issues. hey also use it to find any changes that might have occurred since your last visit. Thereafter, your Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists Dr. James Maher will provide a solid diagnosis as well as a recommended treatment.

Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists
You don’t have to be embarrassed about your issues. Our Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists at Stomach Doctor Katy can take care of all of your rectal and colon ailments.

Are you experiencing pain and discomfort around your rectum? Have you noticed any strange fluids in your stool? Then these issues are likely evidence of several different illnesses.

Some of the most common types of rectal and colon issues include hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, and of course, colon cancer. These issues are evidence of something smaller. An example of this would be acute diarrhea or jaundice, all of which can be treated.

Types of Rectal and Colon Issues

  • Hemorrhoids – One of the more common colon issues is hemorrhoids. These can come about due to poor diet and an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. A patient is likely to have hemorrhoids if they feel itchy or have sore lumps around the anal area. They are also likely to have bloody stools. The disease can take form internally or externally. The latter of the two being the most discomforting due to the intensity of the bleeding.

    Our Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists Dr. James Maher proudly offers hemorrhoid banding as a way to stop the bleeding and alleviate the pain. The process involves inserting a small suction tube used to suck out hemorrhoids.
  • Ulcerative Colitis – Ulcerative colitis consists of abnormal bloating and gas, as well as intense pain in the stomach. The disease, which also includes highly urgent forms of diarrhea, can turn out to be chronic.

    By visiting our dedicated Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists Dr. James Maher M.D., your colitis can be treated in a number of ways. Use of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics used to suppress the intensity of the colitis. This will require close monitoring and guidance by Dr, Maher. The medicine therapy can take several weeks to a few months depending on how you improve.

About Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer starts off as small mushroom-like bumps around the rectal area. They can develop into a cancerous form of the disease if left untreated. This can cause abnormal bowel movement and rectal bleeding.

Treatment is often administered in the form of chemotherapy, medicine, and radiation therapy. However, all of these things can be avoided if the issue is identified earlier on.

Having a primary Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists like Dr. James Maher is crucial in this regard. This is because Maher will introduce less harsh treatments that remove the polyps. These procedures also attack its root cause before it festers.

All of these illnesses are derivative of issues relating to your colon and rectum. It’s important to consult advice from a gastrointestinal health care provider. Doing so will allow for a better way to provide treatment and relief from all of your worrying symptoms. We have plenty of staff and specialists who are here to help you. So it’s a good idea to get in contact with us as soon as you can.

Your Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists Is Here

Have you been searching for the right doctor to treat your bowel issues? Are you experiencing discomfort and pain around your rectum?

Then you should consult a reputable and knowledgeable gastrointestinal health care professional such as our very own Dr. James Maher M.D. With decades of experience treating colon-related illnesses, he has the expertise and tools to treat your issues.

Your search for the perfect Cinco Ranch TX Colon And Rectal Specialists starts with Dr. James Maher M.D. at Stomach Doctor Katy.

Fun Facts About Cinco Ranch, TX

  • Newland Communities bought 1,828 acres of land for Cinco Ranch in 2003.
  • Cinco Ranch is part of the Katy, Texas community.
  • The history of Cinco Ranch starts before Texas was a republic.

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