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It’s easier to keep your stomach healthy with a Waller County gastroenterologist near me. Everyone gets stomachaches. Sometimes it’s because you eat too fast or too much, and the pain will be gone when your body digests it. Other times it’s because some other underlying cause is wreaking havoc in your digestive system.

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Most people just brush off stomach problems. Of course, most stomach problems will resolve themselves or with over-the-counter medicines. However, sometimes, the symptoms may stay for a prolonged time. They may even become frequent.

Stomach doctor, digestive specialist, or gastroenterologist are all terms to describe someone who is an expert in your digestive system. Your digestive system includes the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus. These experts can also treat liver, pancreas, and biliary system issues.

Issues stemming from any of these organs can cause problems with the rest of your body. Not to mention, stomach issues are uncomfortable to endure. Secure your quality of life by ensuring that your digestive health remains intact. If you’re experiencing unexplained stomach issues, it’s time to see a stomach doctor.

When you need answers to why your stomach is causing you issues, come to the clinic of Katy Stomach Doctor James Maher. As a board-certified stomach doctor who’s constantly learning more, Doctor James Maher can pinpoint and treat the underlying issue behind your stomach pain. Call or use our online portal today to schedule an appointment.

Why Should You See a Waller County Gastroenterologist Near Me?

Although some stomach problems may pass, others may worsen or be a symptom of a more serious issue. There are many reasons to visit a stomach doctor, including the following reasons:

  • experiencing stomach pain or discomfort
  • having trouble digesting food
  • feeling full or bloated after eating
  • regurgitating foods or liquids
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • dark stools
  • blood in the stool
  • sudden and unexplained weight loss
  • appetite changes

Not to be an alarmist, but usually persistent or constant symptoms often point to a deeper cause. Of course, sometimes they don’t. However, we won’t know that until you come in for a checkup so that our doctor can pinpoint the cause.

For example, a simple case of a stomachache could just be due to indigestion. Or, it could be due to a condition or ulcers in your digestive system. Many major digestive problems have overlapping symptoms, making them difficult to notice without a discerning or expert eye. They can worsen and cause issues with other parts of your body without proper treatment.

Waller County Gastroenterologist Near Me
Our team is excited to work with you! If you have a stomach problem, call our clinic today to schedule an appointment with a Waller County Gastroenterologist Near Me.

Of course, you can still visit our clinic even if you don’t have a digestive issue. Our clinic’s mission is to ensure that all of our patients have a healthy digestive system. If you would like advice or pointers on how to ensure your stomach and the rest of your digestive system stays healthy, our team can help.

If you’re experiencing any digestive problems, it’s important to visit a stomach doctor for an evaluation. An experienced doctor like James Maher can provide you with the care and treatment you need to get back on track. Here at the clinic of Katy Stomach Doctor, our medical services include ways to diagnose and treat your stomach illness.

Ways We Can Treat or Help Maintain Your Condition

Stomach doctors use a variety of diagnostic techniques to evaluate their patients’ digestive systems. Once they can pinpoint the cause of the discomfort, the doctor can specify a treatment plan. These treatment plans will vary depending on the specific cause.

Besides a basic physical examination, one diagnostic technique is an endoscopy, in which a thin, flexible tube with a camera is inserted through the mouth or rectum to visualize the inside of the intestines. Another is a colonoscopy, which allows the doctor to examine the large intestine, and another is an upper GI series procedure, which uses X-rays to assess the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. And if the previous procedures don’t work, they can take a biopsy, a small sample of tissue used for laboratory analysis.

Some of these procedures can screen for serious conditions like colon cancer. For example, a colonoscopy is the standard way to check for early signs of colon cancer. Of course, the screening can check for more than cancer, which might help discover the decisive factor causing the issue.

Once Doctor James Maher pinpoints the issue, he can propose the best treatment plan for you. These plans include anything from medication to surgery, although surgery will be the last resort. The doctor may also propose a change in diet to lessen the pressure on your digestive system so that it can recover naturally.

In some cases, the Waller County gastroenterologist near me will also ask about your medical history. Some digestive issues could be hereditary. If you already know of your family’s history, it’s best to schedule an appointment with the doctor to see how you can treat it early. Feel free to fill out our patient forms so that you’re ready by the time you come to our clinic.

Waller County Gastroenterologist Near Me
Our clinic can provide many digestive treatments and procedures! Learn more when you come in today for your checkup.

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There’s no need to endure the discomfort that a stomachache brings. Of course, you could drink some over-the-counter medicine. However, if that doesn’t help, it’s time to inquire about the opinion of a medical expert.

Call our clinic today to schedule your appointment with Doctor James Maher. We take various types of insurance plans, so check with us to see if yours will cover our medical services. We love to help patients, and our team will ensure you get back to optimal health when you visit our clinic’s location.

When you need a Waller County gastroenterologist near me, come to the clinic of Katy Stomach Doctor James Maher today.

Waller County, Texas Fun Facts:

  • The county was named after Edwin Waller, one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence and the first mayor of Austin.
  • The county is home to Prarie View A&M University.
  • Its county seat is Hempstead.