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Sealy, TX gastroenterology doctor
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A gastroenterologist is a doctor who is training in dealing with the digestive system. The name “gastroenterology” stems from two Greek roots: “gastro-“, which relates to the stomach, and “enteric”, which pertains to the intestines.

Indeed, gastroenterologists treat many conditions that affect the stomach, the small intestines, and the large intestines. However, these are not the only organs they can treat. They also specialize in the rest of the digestive system, which also includes these organs:

  • Mouth
  • Throat/esophagus
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Gallbladder
  • Anus
  • Rectum

The human digestive system consists of the gastrointestinal tract plus the organs that are not directly involved in digestion but create chemicals to help break down the food. These accessory organs are the saliva glands, the liver, the pancreas, and the gallbladder.

With how many organs the digestive system encompasses, it is only inevitable that there are many disorders and diseases that arise in the digestive system. A gastroenterologist can help treat all of them. Some common conditions that a gastroenterologist can help with include heartburn, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

So, if you have any of these conditions or other digestive concerns, come see our Sealy, TX gastroenterology doctor. With our expertise, we will have you cured of your pain in no time!

Need Help with GERD?

GERD is short for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, which means that stomach acid is entering the patient’s esophagus. To specify, the esophagus is the tube connecting the mouth to the stomach. When stomach acid flows up into the esophagus, that backwash will irritate the lining of the patient’s esophagus.

Sealy, TX gastroenterology doctor
GERD can be a deliberating condition to live with. Let Katy Stomach Doctor, a gastroenterology doctor, treat it.

While it is normal to experience acid reflux now and again, GERD is when the patient experiences it at least twice a week. Damage from stomach acid can cause other problems and complications for people who experience it. If you are dealing with this problem, then seek us for proper help. In order to diagnose something like GERD, the doctor will need to do some evaluations to make sure, such as an endoscopy, X-rays, and more.

If your doctor finds you have GERD, they may recommend making lifestyle changes. If you are overweight, they might suggest you lose weight. If you smoke, they might suggest you quit. They might tell you to elevate your head when you sleep to avoid nighttime acid reflux.

Additionally, they might recommend changing your eating and drinking diets to avoid consuming things that will aggravate your acid reflux, such as fried foods and carbonated beverages.

Your doctor might also tell you to take over-the-counter or prescription medicine to manage your symptoms. Common medications to treat GERD include:

  • Antacids: Antacids can relieve mild GERD symptoms such as heartburn. They are available over-the-counter. However, unless otherwise specified by your doctor, these doctors are not made for daily use.
  • H2 Blockers: This type of medication decreases the amount of acid made by your stomach. They also heal the esophagus. However, they are not as effective at their job as proton pump inhibitors. H2 blockers are available both over-the-counter and via perscription.
  • Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs): Like H2 blockers, PPIs decrease the acid produced by the stomach and are more effective than H2 blockers in treating GERD symptoms. Furthermore, they can heal the esophagus. PPIs are available over-the-counter. Your doctor might also prescribe PPIs for the long-term treatment of GERD.

If medication doesn’t work, the doctor might recommend surgery or other medical procedures to treat your GERD. The most common procedure to treat GERD is fundoplication, in which the top of your stomach is sewed around the end of your esophagus. Other medical procedures include bariatric surgery and endoscopy, although endoscopic procedures are not used for GERD often.

If you suspect you have GERD, then come to Katy Stomach Doctor as soon as possible. With our help, you will soon be able to manage your symptoms.


An endoscopy is a medical procedure done to look at the upper digestive tract to diagnose any problems with it. You should consider getting an endoscopy if you experience symptoms such as chest pain, abdominal pain, heartburn, swallowing problems, and much more.

This medical procedure consists of the doctor inserting a long, thin, flexible tube into the patient’s mouth. This tube has a tiny camera at the tip of it. The doctor uses this to determine if anything is wrong with the upper digestive tract.

If you must undergo an endoscopy, then you should prepare for it beforehand. One such method of preparation is fasting for eight hours before the procedure starts. You can learn about preparation and other related facts on our website.

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Sealy TX gastroenterology doctor
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Fun Facts About Sealy, TX:

  • It is the economic hub of Austin County.
  • Sealy lies at the intersection of US Highway 90, Interstate 10, and Texas Highway 36.
  • Sealy was affected by the Brazos River flood of 1899.