Katy TX Colonoscopy Doctor Near Me

If you have been searching for “Katy TX Colonoscopy Doctor Near Me,” you should definitely get in touch with the medical offices of Doctor James Maher. With vast experience and true dedication to the field, you won’t find better medical services than the ones at this medical clinic. Keep reading to learn more about colonoscopy and how to prepare for this type of procedure.

What Is a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that doctors perform using a colonoscopy or scope. This tool is used to look inside the colon and the rectum. A colonoscopy can be used to find irritated and swollen tissue, ulcers, polyps, and cancers.

Katy TX Colonoscopy Doctor Near Me
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Virtual colonoscopy and a regular colonoscopy vary in several ways:

  • The virtual colonoscopy is essentially an x-ray test. This option takes less time and doesn’t require anesthesia.
  • In a virtual colonoscopy, the doctor won’t view the entire length of the colon.
  • Doctors may not find certain polyps during a virtual colonoscopy
  • Doctors are not able to remove polyps or treat other problems when performing a virtual colonoscopy

Colonoscopies are used for various reasons, such as finding the causes for:

  • Bleeding in your anus
  • Changes in bowel activity, such as diarrhea
  • Pain in your abdomen
  • Unexplained weight loss

Additionally, doctors will use a colonoscopy to screen for possible polyps and cancers. Screening is the process of testing for conditions, even when there are no symptoms present. The good thing about screening is that they can find diseases at early stages when a doctor has a better chance of curing the disease.

Screening Guidelines

Doctors will likely recommend screening for issues in the colon and rectum after patients get to the age of 50. Generally speaking, patients are prone to colorectal cancer if:

  • They are male
  • Family history of polyps or colorectal cancer
  • Personal history of inflammatory bowel disease
  • If they have Lynch Syndrome or other genetic disorder
  • Other factors such as too much weight or smoking cigarettes

If you are likely to develop colorectal cancer, doctors may recommend screening at younger ages, and probably more often as well. If you’re older than 75, talk to your physician to see if you need to be screened.

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Males are more likely to develop colon or rectal cancer.

Preparing for the Procedure

There are certain things patients must do to prepare properly for a colonoscopy. Talk to your doctor about what you can do to prepare in the best way possible. Some ways that you’ll be asked to prepare are through a change of diet, cleaning of your bowel, and arranging for a ride home following the procedure.

Talk to your doctor if you have any health problems that you have and any type of medicines, vitamins, and supplements you take, such as:

  • Arthritis medicines
  • Aspirin
  • Blood thinners
  • Diabetes medicines
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen
  • Vitamins that contain iron or iron supplements

Changing Your Diet and Cleaning Out Your Bowel

A health care professional will give you written bowel prep instruction for you to follow prior to the colonoscopy so that the least amount of stool remains in your intestine. A full-on bowel prep lets stool pass that is clear and liquid. Stool inside the intestine is not helpful when doctors to view the lining.

More than likely, you may have to follow a clear liquid diet the day before the procedure. Other things you’ll be asked to avoid are red and purple-colored drinks or gelatin. Your doctor will give you instructions on how to start and stop the clear liquid diet. For the most part, you’ll be allowed to drink or eat the following:

Katy TX Colonoscopy Doctor Near Me
Follow the diet your doctor prescribes to prepare for the procedure.
  • Fat-free bouillon or broth
  • Gelating in flavors like, lemon, lime, and orange
  • Plain coffee, and tea without cream or milk
  • Sports drinks flavors like lemon, lime, or orange
  • Strained fruit juice, such as apple or white grape

Further, your doctor will give you a strong laxative to empty your colon. Most doctors ask patients to begin the laxative in the morning and take it about three times throughout the day. You may feel drained, so you may want to request the day off from work or plan to have help watching your kids.

Arranging a Ride Home

Since you’ll be recovering from the effects of anesthesia, you won’t be allowed to drive for 24 hours. So, plan to have someone give you a ride home. Further, the doctor will likely suggest that someone spend the remainder of the day with you, in case you experience discomfort.

The Procedure

Typically, a colonoscopy is performed in an outpatient center. Moreover, the procedure will usually take from 30 to 60 minutes. A health care professional will place an intravenous (IV) needle into a vein in your arm or hand. Then, the doctor will give you anesthesia or a strong sedative so that you fall asleep.

For the procedure, you’ll lie on a table while the doctor inserts a colonoscopy through the anus and into your colon and rectum. The scope is used to inflate the large intestine with air for an enhanced view. A tiny camera at the end of the tube lets the doctor examine your large intestine.

Once it reaches the opening of your small intestine, the doctor will slowly remove the scope and once again examine the lining of your large intestine. Moreover, doctors may see a colonoscopy to remove polyps and send them to labs for further testing.

Following the Colonoscopy

After the colonoscopy, you should expect:

  • To remain at the outpatient center for 1 to 2 hours following the procedure.
  • You may feel the cramping in your abdomen or bloating during the first hour after the procedure.
  • After the procedure finalizes, your friend or family member will receive instructions on how to care for you properly.

Katy TX Colonoscopy Doctor Near Me

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