Katy Texas Colonoscopy Dr Near Me

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A colonoscopy is an exam that diagnoses various types of stomach problems. As such, patients that show signs of stomach issues are the ones that take this test. A colonoscopy lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Keep reading to learn more about colonoscopy and what to expect from the procedure.

Katy Texas Colonoscopy Dr Near Me
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Colonoscopy Overview

During a colonoscopy, patients are examined with a long and flexible tube called a colonoscope. The colonoscope is inserted into the rectum and has a tiny video camera at the end of it. Moreover, the tiny video camera sends images to a monitor. Doctors use these images to examine the entirety of the colon.

Generally speaking, doctors will recommend a colonoscopy for reasons like:

To investigate intestinal signs and symptoms

A colonoscopy helps doctors explore possible causes of abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, and other intestinal problems.

Screening for colon cancer

If you’re above the age of 50 or older, you are technically considered to be at average risk for colon cancer, even if there are no other risk factors aside from age. The recommended time between colonoscopies moving forward will be every ten years, with some cases requiring more frequent testing. One thing to note is that colonoscopies are only one option for colon screening.

Looking for more polyps

If you have had polyps before, follow up colonoscopies may be recommended to look for and remove any more polyps present. The reason behind follow up colonoscopies is to help reduce the risk of colon cancer.

How to prepare

Before the procedure is performed, the colon needs to be cleaned out as much as possible. The reason why you must clean out the colon is the fact that any residue inside the colon can obscure the view of your colon and really make the whole exam procedure useless. Some steps you may have to take include:

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It is important to follow special diet before a colonoscopy.

Follow a special diet

You will likely have to follow a special diet prior to the exam. For the most part, this means that you’ll have to avoid eating solid foods the day before the exam. Moreover, you should only drink clear liquids. Plain water will be the first choice in this diet, with tea and coffee being fine as long as you avoid milk or cream, broth, and carbonated beverages. Red liquids should be avoided to avoid any confusion with blood during the viewing.

Take a laxative

For the benefit of the exam, you’ll likely have to take a laxative as well. The laxative can be taken in either pill form or liquid form. The medication helps stimulate bowel movements or loosen up stool to ease its passage. You’ll be asked to take this medication the night before the colonoscopy, and in some cases, you’ll be asked to take it after the exam.

Use an enema kit

An enema kit usually comes with a bag or other type of container attached to a nozzle or tube. The kit’s container holds a liquid, which may contain a laxative or an oil. These kits are very easy to use and help patients empty the lower colon. While useful, the enema kit is not the primary option for emptying the colon.

Adjust your medications

Your doctor will ask you about any medication or supplements you take at least a week before the exam. You’ll likely have to adjust your medication if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart problems, or if your medications and supplements contain iron.

About the procedure

If your doctor just recommended that you have a colonoscopy, there’s no need to worry. You may find yourself thinking the worst and expecting the procedure to be terrible, but it won’t be. As a matter of fact, you probably won’t even be awake to remember it.

The important thing is actually going through with the procedure, as it’s very important in finding causes for symptoms such as abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, or changes in bowel habits. This exam helps prevent colorectal cancer. Colonoscopies are also great when it comes to removing abnormal growths called polyps before they transform into cancers.

During the procedure, you’ll like on your left side of the exam table. The sedatives are given through an IV in your arm, allowing you to sleep through the procedure. A colonoscope is a tube-like tool. The colonoscope helps doctors look for problems in the rectum and colon.

Additionally, the tube has allows doctors to pump air and consequently inflate the colon. The reason doctors do this is to have a better view f your colon and its lining. A biopsy can be part of the procedure as well. A small snare in the colonoscope takes a tiny sample of your colon for testing. This is called a biopsy.

After the Exam

Katy Texas Colonoscopy Dr Near Me
Katy Texas Colonoscopy Dr Near Me

The entire procedure should take around 30 minutes. With that said, you’ll still have to recover from the sedatives, which usually takes about 30 minutes. Some additional effects will be cramping or passing gas, but these are normal. The great thing after the exam is that you’ll be able to return to your regular diet.

Some instructions you’ll be given following the exam will be to avoid certain medicines, in particular those that act as blood thinners, especially if your doctor performed a biopsy or removed any polyps. Although rare, you may experience bleeding and puncture of the colon. Call your doctor immediately if you experience:

  • Bleeding that lasts a long time
  • Severe abdominal pain, fever, or chills

Katy Texas Colonoscopy Dr Near Me

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