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What Is Colorectal Cancer?

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer, and unfortunately, is a lethal disease. This cancer is found inside the rectum or colon, also known as the large intestine. Generally, they are more known as rectal and colon cancer.

Polyps may appear inside the lining of the colon. They can become dangerous, but if they are found early on, a doctor can likely remove them. Finding them is done through colonoscopies, and through that, can they be seen if they are cancerous or not.

If a polyp is found to be cancerous, there may be risks: larger than one centimeter, more than two seen, or when dysplasia is seen post-removal. If your test is positive, you will need to proceed with a colonoscopy.

It is possible to cure cancer early on through a colonoscopy or surgical resection. But if it spreads through the regional lymph nodes, lungs, or liver, you might see a reduction in life expectancy.

With one hundred thousand cases of colorectal cancer in North America being diagnosed annually, approximately over half are expected to lose their lives from it.

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Am I At Risk?

Colorectal cancer is a severe condition. If you have a colonoscopy every three years will lower the chance of you developing colon cancer. If the test results are positive, you may be at risk and should get a repeat examination.

It’s common for you to believe your chances of getting colon cancer are low, especially if you don’t notice any symptoms. Those would include abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, or a change in your bowel habits. You can maintain your health by discussing with your doctor any potential polyps or tumors. It is common for you to be at average risk and asymptomatic.

Annual Fulshear TX colorectal cancer screenings are essential for everyone over the age of forty to fifty, as you are more likely to develop it. With modern science, the mortality rate for this cancer is decreasing, but it remains the third most common death-related cancer. Men are more likely to develop it than women.

Lynch Syndrome is a common hereditary cause of this colorectal cancer, accounting for five percent of it. If you are a high-risk Lynch Syndrome carrier, you can lower the risk of this cancer by up to twenty to forty percent by taking aspirin every day.

Dr. James Maher at Katy Stomach Doctor has more than thirty years of experience in gastroenterology. He is the guy to trust when looking for someone to perform a colonoscopy. With the services he provides to the patients under his care, he can carry out those screenings with ease.

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Fulshear TX Colorectal Cancer Screening Options

There are many screening options other than colonoscopies, called stool testing. While you may not need a colonoscopy often, stool tests require frequent visits. However, these may not be as accurate at detecting cancer or large polyps as colonoscopies.

Fecal Immunochemical Testing, or FIT for short, is an annual stool test best for anyone unwilling or unable to have a colonoscopy. Furthermore, they are an accurate and affordable screening test for detecting colorectal and advanced cancers. While it is comparable to colonoscopies for colorectal cancer, it has a lower detection rate for advanced adenomas. Those may contain localized cancer.

This next stool test is still relatively new, more expensive, and more sensitive than FIT. This is the multitargeted stool for Cologuard. Ask your doctor if Cologuard is right for you.

Many patients are at risk of the sedation or procedure itself, so a safe option is the Computed Tomography Colonography or the CTC. This is done without sedation and requires laxatives. It is excellent for finding large polyps, but we would need a colonoscopy if any are found.

Last but not least, colonoscopies are the most accurate screening and the only examination able to remove early cancer and precancerous polyps. Then again, any screening is better than none at all.

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