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So, do you think a colonoscopy doctor Waller, TX has insider knowledge? You sure bet our doctor does. Not only does Doctor Maher have insider knowledge of your insides, but he knows how to pinpoint any temporary issues or chronic stomach problems that can occur without your knowledge. Request a consultation with the clinic of Katy Stomach Doctor today to get in on the secrets.

Colonoscopy Doctor Waller, TX
Dr. James Maher has insider knowledge about the stomach that can help you.

Your digestive system is one of the various major systems that make up your body. It is in charge of breaking up food into nutrients, absorbing the nutrients to sustain the body, and removing waste. If there is an issue during any of those steps, you have an issue with your digestive system. Basically, if you cannot eat or absorb nutrients properly, it is the digestive system’s fault.

How does a colonoscopy doctor fit into the digestive spectrum? The colon or large intestine is among the many organs that make up your digestive system. It is at the tail end of the entire system and assists in removing waste from your body.

Having an issue with your colon is not only uncomfortable, but it could also be disastrous. Common symptoms include stomachaches, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, etc. A few uncommon symptoms can include bleeding or frequent stomach issues. If you have any of these symptoms or have other digestive problems, call the clinic of Katy Stomach Doctor and inquire about our medical services.

The Expertise of a Colonoscopy Doctor Waller, TX

As a board-certified gastroenterologist, Doctor James Maher knows more than your average colonoscopy doctor. He is your local digestive system expert that can pinpoint and treat any issue you may have with your digestive health. He can also serve as the closest colonoscopy doctor to you. Contact the clinic of Katy Stomach Doctor when you schedule your next visit.

Of course, most patients do not usually jump at the first chance to meet a local colon doctor. Most of the time, you would not meet with a colon doctor unless your primary care doctor refers you to one. This usually only happens when you need more specialized care. If anything, most people only see colon doctors when they get closer to their 50th birthday for a colon cancer screening.

A colon cancer screening is one of the most important preventative measures as patients grow older in age. Think of it this way – colon cancer is one of the top two reasons behind cancer-related deaths in the US (first place being lung cancer). However, colon cancer is not only preventable, but you can also completely treat it in the early stages! The only problem is finding out fast enough.

Colon cancer becomes more prevalent the older the patient is. The best time to get a colon cancer screening (at least for the first time) is when you reach age 50. The colonoscopy doctor will check for signs of colon cancer and put you on the fast track in preventing or treating you to ensure your digestive system remains healthy.

What Takes Place During the Colonoscopy Procedure?

Colonoscopy Doctor Waller, TX
A Colonoscopy Doctor Waller, TX can help screen for problems before they become a problem. Schedule a visit with the clinic of Katy Stomach Doctor today.

Most patients do not look forward to getting a colonoscopy, and understandably so. Although they are a great preventative measure, not many people particularly enjoy the process. However, we can assure you that our experienced colonoscopy doctor will ensure everything is quick and painless.

Colonoscopies are a type of endoscopic procedure. The doctor will guide a tube through your digestive tract to check the inside of your digestive system. If there is anything out of place, the doctor will remove it or take a sample for further testing.

Considering the doctor will be checking the inside of your colon, signs of colon cancer are not the only things they can pinpoint. It can also detect signs of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), internal bleeding, and other issues. The issues that could plague your digestive issue have similar symptoms, so getting a colonoscopy can help pinpoint the issues or narrow the possibilities down.

If you would like to learn more, you can participate in Doctor Maher’s clinical research. He has partnered with Biopharma Informatic to conduct research trials in colon cancer screenings and other related digestive diseases and topics.

Getting the Treatment You Need

When you notice the first symptoms that make you uncomfortable, you should let an expert treat them. Of course, before a colonoscopy doctor Waller, TX can treat you, they need to know the cause of your symptoms first. Once Doctor Maher pinpoints the cause of your issues, there are two or three common ways to treat your digestive problem.

The first option is the gentlest option. Doctor Maher may suggest some diet changes that can ease your stomach problems. Our team can help you adjust to your new diet changes and stay on top of it.

Usually, we suggest this for patients that have chronic symptoms or need a more balanced diet to solve their constant discomfort and digestive problems. For example, steering clear of alcohol can help your liver.

The second option is one of the faster ways of managing your symptoms. If you need an additional kick and benefit of medicine, Doctor Maher will prescribe you the most appropriate one for your problems. For those diagnosed with chronic problems, prescribed medicine may be one of the best ways to manage the symptoms.

The last common option is usually a last resort. If necessary, we will use surgery to solve the underlying cause of your problems. However, it usually does not need to get this far. Luckily, if it does, our clinic accepts most types of personal medical insurance so that you do not have to worry about getting the treatment you need to stay healthy.

Colonoscopy Doctor Waller, TX
Suppose you aren’t able to enjoy the foods you used to, contact Dr. Maher. He can help you figure out if you have underlying digestive issues.

Get in Touch with a Colonoscopy Doctor

If you would like to get in touch with our colonoscopy doctor, fill in the patient forms before you make a visit to the clinic of Katy Stomach Doctor. Or call our clinic ahead of time to schedule an appointment. As you would expect, you can meet our colonoscopy doctor Waller, TX here in Katy.

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