Cinco Ranch TX Gastroenterology Doctors Near Me

When you need Cinco Ranch TX gastroenterology doctors near me, choose Dr. James Maher. Dr. Maher is a board-certified gastroenterologist serving Katy, TX, and the surrounding area.

Dr. Maher believes that one of his most important jobs as a physician is educating patients. He places a priority on having open, honest, and thorough discussions with all of his patients. Dr. Maher will make sure that you understand your condition and your treatment options.

If you are suffering from a gastrointestinal ailment, trust Dr. James Maher for high-quality, compassionate care.

Cinco Ranch TX gastroenterology doctors near me
Cinco Ranch TX gastroenterology

Experienced Cinco Ranch TX Gastroenterologist

Dr. Maher completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan. He then trained at the Medical College of Virginia, the University of California Irvine, and the University of Southern California. His long experience makes him uniquely qualified to provide excellent care to all of his patients. When you need help with your gastrointestinal ailment, Dr. James Maher is the physician for you.

Through his private practice, Dr. Maher provides the full range of gastrointestinal tests, treatments, and services. Colon cancer screenings, endoscopes, and sigimoidoscopies are all out-patient procedures performed in Dr. Maher’s office.

Moreover, Dr. Maher can treat patients of all ages and accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. Whether you need medical advice, or diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Maher can help. When you choose the Katy Stomach Doctor, you can rely on high-quality care.

Please don’t take chances when it comes to health care. If you’re experiencing abdominal pain or problems with your digestive tract, choose Dr. James Maher. When you need Cinco Ranch TX gastroenterology doctors near me, he can help.

Cinco Ranch TX gastroenterology doctors near me
Dr. Maher is one of Houston’s top Cinco Ranch TX Enterologist in the area. Reach out today to schedule an appointment!

Your Gastroenterologist And You

Most people rely on their primary care physician for their regular health care needs. However, some ailments require specialty care. Family medicine can only address so many health issues; sometimes, it takes a specialist.

For example, someone that has trouble sleeping might seek out a specialist in sleep medicine. Or a patient with a long-term infection such as HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C might need the care of an infectious disease specialist.

When you’re experiencing stomach or abdominal pain, or another gastrointestinal issue, you might need a gastroenterologist. Gastroenterologists specialize in the treatment and care of the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Your GI tract includes your esophagus, stomach, liver, intestines, and other organs associated with your digestive system.

Furthermore, patients with chronic conditions such as Chron disease, IBS, ulcers, and liver disease need a dedicated GI specialist. Less severe conditions such as hemorrhoids, acid reflux, and pancreatitis might also require a gastroenterologist’s care.

Finally, a gastroenterologist can detect GI cancers such as colon cancer early on. Then, with the involvement of an oncologist, your gastroenterologist can form a crucial part of the medical team overseeing your cancer treatment.

Like any other doctor, a gastroenterologist is a medical professional. They train extensively in the health sciences and complete a GI residency in addition to their internal medicine residency.

Additionally, Dr. Maher has experience far beyond his initial training. Whatever your GI ailment, Dr. Maher will ensure that you receive the best evaluation, care, and treatment possible. Schedule an appointment online today!

Signs You May Need A GI Specialist

A number of symptoms can signal that you need the help of a gastrointestinal specialist.

Firstly, persistent stomach or abdominal pain can indicate any number of ailments. Ulcers, gall stones, and ulcerative colitis all manifest with severe pain.

Swelling or distention in the abdomen can indicate a GI problem. So can changes in stool frequency or consistency. Malnutrition caused by poor absorbtion of nutrients in the digestive tract might also indicate a problem, particularly in the small intestine.

Additionally, pain or difficulty while swallowing might mean trouble in the esophagus. Bloody stools tend to result from gastrointestinal bleeding.

Yellow skin or eyes indicates an excess of bilirubin, a protein normally broken down by the liver. When excess bilirubin causes visible yellowness, its called jaundice.

Jaundice can indicate severe liver disease or even liver failure. Advanced liver disease such as cirrhosis or systemic diseases impacting the liver can cause jaundice. Cirrhosis may result from alcohol damage, but it can also result from advanced hepatitis or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Finally, people over the age of 50 or with a family history of colon cancer or other GI cancers should see a gastrointestinal specialist regularly regardless of symptoms. A gastroenterologist can perform colonoscopies and other endoscopic procedures.


Regular colonoscopies are part of a thorough colon cancer screening. Though they have a bad reputation, modern colonoscopies are far less invasive than they once were. Moreover, colonoscopies can help your GI specialist spot, monitor, and remove pre-cancerous polyps from your colon.

It’s always better to remove abnormal cells before their growth accelerates. Metastatic cells and masses embedded in multiple organ systems are harder to treat than small, localized masses.

Any of the above symptoms or risk factors warrant a visit to your local gastroenterologist. Luckily, Dr. Maher makes scheduling your appointment easy. Call or visit our Katy Stomach Doctor website to schedule your appointment today.

Cinco Ranch TX gastroenterology doctors near me
If you are experiencing persistent painful symptoms, contact Katy Stomach Doctor to schedule an evaluation!

Cinco Ranch TX Gastroenterology Doctors Near Me

Please don’t neglect your gastrointestinal health. If you are experiencing persistent pain or bloating, give us a call. Moreover, if you suffer from a chronic GI condition or have one or more risk factors for chronic GI diseases or GI cancer, we can help. Schedule an appointment with Dr. James Maher and take care of your health.

Dr. James Maher is an experienced, compassionate GI specialist. He will ensure that you receive the best care possible. Additionally, he accepts most insurance, including Medicare.

Take care of your health. When you need Cinco Ranch TX gastroenterology doctors near me call 281-945-5190 today!

Cinco Ranch TX Fun Facts

  • Cinco Ranch is one of the wealthiest communities in the country.
  • 18,274 people live in Cinco Ranch.
  • Cinco Ranch is a master-planned community.
  • The Golf Club at Cinco Ranch offers luxury entertainment.
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