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Are you seeking medical procedures from the best Cinco Ranch TX Gastro Doctor in your community? If you are, visit Dr. James Maher at Katy Stomach Doctor. At our location, you will obtain everything you need to stay in good health.

Dr. James Maher is the Best Cinco Ranch TX Gastro Doctor

When it comes to your health, trust the most qualified doctor in your community. If you are located near Katy TX, make sure to give Dr. James Maher a visit to Katy Stomach Doctor. Not only does he have extensive medical education, but he is also the most caring person.

Dr. James Maher graduated in an accelerated program from the Medical College of Virginia. He then moved to the University of California, Irvine, to complete his residency in Internal Medicine. Once there, he attended the University of Southern California and did a one-year Fellowship in Hepatology. Then, Dr. Maher returned to Irvine to do a two-year Fellowship in Gastroenterology.

Cinco Ranch TX Gastro
Dr. James Maher is the best Cinco Ranch TX Gastro Doctor in your community!

Being Board Certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine, you can count on Dr. James Maher to be the most knowledgable doctor when it comes to stomach-related diseases and problems. To this day, you can find Dr. Maher expecting his medical education and giving you the best healthcare services. Dr. James Maher is definitely the best Cinco Ranch TX Gastro Doctor!

Do You Require a Medical Procedure?

Regardless of the medical procedure, you seek to receive, rest assured you will find it at Katy Stomach Doctor. Here, keeping you healthy is our number one priority. To ensure that you receive the best care, you will be in the best hands for the job. When visiting our offices, you will obtain the best healthcare services from the most certified stomach doctor, Dr. James Maher.

Receive a Colonoscopy at Katy Stomach Doctor

One of the medical procedures that we perform at Katy Stomach Doctor is a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is a test we recommend to detect changes in your rectum and colon. Typically, this is a 30 minute to an hour procedure that will look inside your entire colon.

Dr. James Maher will insert a flexible tube with a camera into your rectum. In doing so, we can evaluate and observe for any abnormal tissue. If necessary, we can take the time to remove any polyps during this medical procedure. Also, we can take biopsies during a colonoscopy.

Who requires a Colonoscopy?

Commonly, we recommend this procedure to people looking to investigate unidentified throat or stomach problems further. Additionally, people with a history of polyps are highly encouraged to receive a colonoscopy. In doing so, we can screen and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

After Completing Your Colonoscopy
Cinco Ranch TX Gastro
Receive the best consultation at Katy Stomach Doctor.

Once we are done with your medical procedure, you can expect Dr. Maher to notify you of any findings. Also, you must have a trusted person drive you home. Since we use an anesthetic that lasts for about six to eight hours, you should not drive or work after a colonoscopy.

If no abnormalities are present, then you have tested negative. On the other hand, your results are positive if polyps or abnormal tissue were present in the colon. It is normal to experience bloating after a colonoscopy if polyps were removed.

While not all polyps are cancerous, we will send your abnormal tissue to our laboratory for further analysis. There, we will determine if your tissue was cancerous, precancerous, or noncancerous.

Like any medical procedure, a colonoscopy can bring a few complications to arise. For instance, you can have an adverse reaction to the anesthetic, bleeding, or colon perforation. To avoid this, consult with Dr. Maher when you experience worrisome symptoms.

Schedule a Colonoscopy

When looking to book an appointment for a colonoscopy, there are some things to know beforehand. For this procedure to be done successfully, we need to prepare your colon. Therefore, you will have some diet restrictions before the colonoscopy. Also, you will have to take a laxative and adjust your medications.

Interested in Getting an Upper GI Endoscopy Done

As for any medical procedure, you require the most trusted professional doctor. When you visit Dr. James Maher for an Upper GI Endoscopy, you will receive the most effective and efficient medical procedure.

Also known as EGD, and Upper GI Endoscopy is a procedure that looks inside your upper digestive tract. Similar to a colonoscopy, we perform an endoscopy by using a flexible tube with a tiny camera at the end. However, for this procedure, we will insert the tube through your mouth and investigate any condition affecting your upper digestive system.

Who needs an Upper GI Endoscopy?
Cinco Ranch TX Gastro
Schedule an appointment with us if you experience chest or abdominal pain.

Anyone who experiences unidentifiable stomach or throat problems is suggested an Upper GI Endoscopy. Unlike a colonoscopy, some symptoms can encourage receiving this procedure. For example, obtain an Upper GI Endoscopy if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Chest or abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Bleeding
  • Swallowing problems
  • Inflammation

If you have experienced any of the symptoms mentioned above, look into scheduling an Upper GI Endoscopy. Once you do, prepare for your appointment.

Preparing for an Upper GI Endoscopy

When you schedule an Upper GI Endoscopy, there are some things we will ask you to prepare for the procedure. First, Dr. Maher will ask that you fast for about eight hours before the medical treatment.

Then, you must inform us if you are pregnant or experience any cardiovascular conditions. Lastly, we will ask if you are allergic to any medication and will tell you of the anesthetic we use. Since you will experience effects from the sedation, you must bring a designated driver.

Visit Katy Stomach Doctor For All Your Healthcare Services

As you can see, several medical procedures can be done at Katy Stomach Doctor. When you visit our medical center, you can expect the most effective consultations and evaluations. To learn more about our work, contact us online or at 281-945-5190. There is no better Cinco Ranch TX Gastro Doctor than Dr. James Maher!

Cinco Ranch TX Fun Facts

  • Newland Communities bought 1,828 acres of land in 2003 for Cinco Ranch.
  • Cinco Ranch is known to be part of the Katy, Texas community.
  • There are 11 community pools in Cinco Ranch!
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