Cinco Ranch TX Colonoscopy Near Me

Are you currently searching for a Cinco Ranch TX Colonoscopy Near Me? If so, you should definitely get in touch with the digestive system physician, James Maher. He has performed countless procedures of the sort and always does so with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Read on to learn more about what a colonoscopy is and what to expect from this procedure.

What Is a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is an exam that doctors use when there’s a possibility of changes of abnormalities in the large intestine (colon) and rectum. During the procedure, a long flexible tube is inserted into the rectum. This tube is equipped with a tiny video camera at the tip of it. This tiny camera allows doctors to view the insides of the entire colon.

Doctors will request that you have a colonoscopy whenever they feel the need to:

Cinco Ranch TX Colonoscopy Near Me
Dr. James Maher

Investigate intestinal signs and symptoms:

Colonoscopies are ways in which doctors’ explore causes of abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, along with other types of intestinal problems.

Screening or colon cancer

Your doctor may recommend a colonoscopy even if there are no risk factors if you are over the age of 50. From this point forward, the doctor could very well request a colonoscopy every 10 years or sometimes sooner to screen for colon cancer. One thing to remember is that a colonoscopy is only one option that doctors screen for colon cancer. To learn about the other options available, make sure you talk to your doctor

Look for more polyps

For those who have suffered from polyps before, doctors could very well recommend a follow-up colonoscopy. This is done to look for any additional polyps and treat them appropriately. In cases like these, a colonoscopy is the best way to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

How to Prepare

When preparing for the procedure, you’ll likely have to clean out the colon. Any residue in the colon could very well obscure the view of your colon and rectum during the exam. In order to empty the colon effectively, your doctor may ask you to:

Follow a special diet

Cinco Ranch TX Colonoscopy Near Me
Follow the strict diet Dr. Maher provides you.

Usually, a special diet will be given to you. You’ll be limited to clear liquids. Moreover, you’ll be asked to drink coffee and tea without milk or cream, broth, and carbonated beverages. Another thing to avoid is red liquids, as they could easily be confused with blood during the procedure. Even more, you may not be able to intake any drinks or foods after midnight the night prior to the colonoscopy.

Take a laxative

Doctors will sometimes recommend taking a laxative, either in liquid form or pill form. You should expect the doctor to ask you to take this laxative before and after the procedure.

Use an enema kit

You may also be asked to use an enema it. Either the night before the exam or a few hours prior, you may have to use an over-the-counter enema kit. This is done to empty your colon. Generally speaking, this action is only effective when trying to empty the lower colon and is usually not recommended as the primary action of emptying the colon

Adjust your medications

If you take any sort of medication, you may be asked to adjust them at least one week prior to the colonoscopy. This especially the case if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart problems. You’ll also be asked to adjust the medication is you take any supplements that have iron.

You should also let your doctor know if you take any medications that thin the blood, such as aspirin, warfarin. Other medications you should let your doctor know you take are new anticoagulants, such as dabigatran (Pradaxa) or rivaroxaban (Xarelto), which are used to reduce the risk of blood clots or stroke. More medication to be careful with includes heart medications that have effects on platelets, such as clopidogrel (Plavix).

What to Expect During

During the colonoscopy, you’ll be wearing a gown, and likely nothing else. Usually, sedation will be taken, as it’s highly recommended. The sedation may be given in the form of a pill. In other cases, the sedative could be given in combination with intravenous pain medication to reduce any type of discomfort. The exam will begin with the patient lying their side on an exam table. The knees are drawn towards the chest. The doctor will then insert the scope into the rectum.

The scope is long enough to reach the entire length of the colon, containing a light and a tube. These tools allow doctors to pump air or carbon dioxide into the colon. The air inflates the colon, which helps provide the medic a greater view of the lining of the colon. When removing the scope or when the air is being pumped in, the patient may feel abdominal cramping or the urge to have a bowel movement. In certain cases, doctors may use the procedure to take tissue samples (biopsies). They do so through inserting instruments through the channel and can also remove polyps along with other areas of abnormal tissue.

After the Procedure

Katy TX Gastrointestinal Doctor
Bloating and cramping are common symptoms after a colonoscopy.

Once the colonoscopy is completed, it will take about an hour to begin to recover from the sedative. You won’t be able to drive home as it can take up to an entire day for the full effects of the sedatives to wear off. In addition to not driving, you shouldn’t make any major decisions or go back to work. When a polyp is removed during the procedure, doctors may very well recommend that you eat a special diet temporarily.

Patients should expect to feel a bit bloated. In addition, it’s likely that patients will pass gas for a few after the completion of the exam. This is the way to clear the air from the colon. To assist in the recovery try walking to relieve the discomfort.

Cinco Ranch TX Colonoscopy Near Me

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