Cinco Ranch TX Carcinoid Cancer

Are you searching “Cinco Ranch TX carcinoid cancer?” Dr. James Maher has more than 30 years of experience as a gastroenterologist. Carcinoid tumors are serious and should be detected early. This disease can be serious, which is why it is best to see a specialist if you experience any type of symptoms.

Gastroenterology is the study of conditions within the digestive system or gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The GI tract includes a variety of organs and parts of the body. The digestive system has several parts associated with it. For example, the stomach, liver, gallbladder, colon, intestines, and rectum play major roles.

Dr. Maher has more than three decades in this field of study. He started his medical career at the University of Michigan. Afterward, he moved to a warmer climate and attended the Medical College of Virginia. There, he completed an accelerated program. Once the program was over, he moved to California, where he already had a history.

Cinco Ranch TX Carcinoid Cancer
Dr. James Maher

While in California, Dr. Maher attended the University of California-Irvine for his Internal Medicine residency. Following, he went to the University of Southern California to complete his Fellowship in Hepatology. Finally, he returned to the University of California-Irvine for a two-year Fellowship in Gastroenterology.

Dr. Maher became a board-certified gastroenterologist a few years after his education career. Since then, he has cared for his patients to the highest degree. He believes patient education is one of his most important jobs. When it comes to treatment options, Dr. Maher considers all options. These traits and beliefs are what makes Dr. Maher an exceptional specialist.

What is Carcinoid Cancer?

Carcinoid cancer or tumors are a subset of tumors called neuroendocrine tumors. Neuroendocrine tumors start in the neuroendocrine cell, which has similar traits to nerve cells and hormone cells. These types of tumors are rare but can occur anywhere within the body.

When it comes to carcinoid tumors, they can appear anywhere in the digestive system (liver, colon, gallbladder, intestine, stomach, etc.) or the lungs. These tumors often don’t show symptoms until late into their life. The best treatment options are surgery and medications. If there are symptoms, they are usually not directly associated with carcinoid tumors. Symptoms are also based on the location of the tumor. For example, the stomach will present different symptoms than the rectum.

Here are the symptoms you may experience if the tumor is located in your lungs:

  • difficulty breathing
  • chest pain
  • wheezing
  • diarrhea
  • weight gain
  • stretch mark-like marks on the skin
  • redness and warmth on the face and neck
Cinco Ranch TX Carcinoid Cancer
Abdominal pain is associated with several different digestive tract conditions.

Symptoms within the digestive system include:

  • abdominal pain
  • diarrhea
  • nausea or vomiting
  • rectal bleeding or pain
  • redness or warmth in the face or neck
  • inability to pass stool due to intestinal blockage

Causes of Carcinoid Tumors

The cause of carcinoid tumors is unknown. That said, the cause of cancer, in general, is known. Cancer occurs when a cell developed a mutation in its DNA. The DNA continues to replicate, and the cell divides to grow. Eventually, a collection of cells forms, and a tumor is present. Cancer cells are capable of invading healthy tissues and spreading.

Researchers are unsure why the mutation occurs in the neuroendocrine cells. However, these types of cells are found all over the body. The job of these cells is to produce some hormones such as cortisol or insulin. They also act as nerve cells.

You are more likely to develop carcinoid tumors if you are older are a woman. If you have a family history of multiple endocrine neoplasia, you are at higher risk too. Multiple endocrine neoplasia is a group of disorders that affect the body’s hormone-producing glands.


There are a number of ways to diagnose carcinoid tumors. The best methods are procedures and blood tests. A blood test is a common method of detecting a carcinoid tumor because they often raise the levels of hormones. The blood test detects these high levels of hormones and the byproducts produced by them.

Another type of test that may be used is a urine test. When the body breaks down excess amounts of hormones, it develops byproducts that can be found within the urine. Finally, the last test that can occur is an imagining test. A CT scan, MRI, or an X-ray may help Dr. Maher find the location of the tumor.

Procedures are also capable of determining a diagnosis. An endoscopy is a process of using a long, flexible tube with a camera on end. This tube is slowly pushed down your throat to get a look at your digestive tract. A colonoscopy is a process where the tube uses the rectum instead.

Finally, removing tissues from the tumor can determine if it is cancerous. The type of biopsy you have depends on the location of the tumor. A needle may be used to extract cells, while surgery may also be necessary.

Cinco Ranch TX Carcinoid Cancer
Carcinoid tumors rarely show symptoms early on.


The treatment process for your tumors is determined by a number of factors. Surgery is capable of removing the entire tumor in the early stages, but late stages only most of the tumor can be removed. There are medications that can help reduce the secretion of hormones by the cells or drugs that provide radiation directly to the cells. Of course, the treatment process will greatly depend on the location of the tumor. For example, the liver often sees the spread of the disease.

Cinco Ranch TX Carcinoid Cancer

Carcinoid tumors are serious conditions that should be diagnosed by a professional. Dr. James Maher has more than 30 years of experience in diagnosing your condition. If you are experiencing any symptoms like the one listed above, call his clinic today.

You can reach Dr. Maher’s clinic by calling (281) 945-5190. His team would be happy to schedule an appointment with you. Dr. Maher is located in Katy, Texas, so patients can easily reach him in the Greater Houston Area. The services Dr. Maher carries out are professional, experienced, and have your health in the best of interest. So, stop looking for “Cinco Ranch TX carcinoid cancer!”

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