Brookshire TX Carcinoid Cancer

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Cancer cells are the cells inside your body that are mutated. When your body creates cells that start to mutate, the mutation causes the cells to keep growing and multiplying. A normal cell has a lifespan.

So, where a typical cell dies in its usual cycle, a mutated cell does not. At this point, a mutated cell keeps growing and forms a tumor. Depending on the health of the mutated cells, the tumor can be cancerous.

Brookshire TX Carcinoid Cancer

Brookshire Tx carcinoid cancer
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Carcinoid cancer cells combine to create carcinoid tumors. However, carcinoid tumors are fortunately rare. They are very slow-growing cancer cells that typically form in the digestive tract.

Carcinoid cancer is a highly slow-growing cancer, and therefore, symptoms are challenging to detect. Too often, you may not experience any symptoms of carcinoid cancer until the tumor has been growing for many years. Visiting a Brookshire Tx, carcinoid cancer specialist can help you discuss screening options as well as your risk of developing carcinoid cancer.

Your risk of developing a cancer is usually based on your health and family medical history. If your genetic makeup raises your risk of developing carcinoid cancer then it would be beneficial for you to have information about it. The slow growth of carcinoid tumors emphasizes the need for early detection of carcinoid cancer through regular screenings.

Regular screenings with a trusted Brookshire TX carcinoid cancer specialist like Dr. James Maher is something you can ask about at your initial consultation. Discussing your options with a Brookshire TX carcinoid cancer specialist means you are less likely to miss subtle symptoms.


Fortunately, carcinoid cancer is a type of cancer that spreads incredibly slowly. Also, it is cancer with relatively subtle symptoms. However, due to its slow growth, you may not experience symptoms until you have had the carcinoid tumor for many years.

Unfortunately, because the symptoms are not alarming, they are easy to miss. Carcinoid cancer symptoms are easily mistaken for other conditions or dismissed entirely.

Several common symptoms of carcinoid cancer include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rectal bleeding and pain
  • Redness and feeling warm in the face

What To Do When The Sickness Spreads

Brookshire Tx carcinoid cancer
Don’t wait when you’re in pain!

In kids, a carcinoid tumor is less likely to spread to other parts of the body. However, in adults, carcinoid cancer can spread to other organs nearby and potentially spread even further to the liver.

When cancer spreads, it is called metastatic cancer. Many cancers that spread do so very quickly. However, one characteristic of carcinoid cancer is that it spreads very slowly. So, even if you have stage three or stage four carcinoid cancer, you may still survive the disease for another eight years.

  • Lymph nodes– When carcinoid cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, it is generally stage three cancer. Even if it has not spread to the lymph nodes, at stage three it will have spread to other nearby organs, if it has not spread to the lymph nodes. Stage four carcinoid cancer is when the tumor has spread to more distant organs from where it began.
  • Spread to the liver– When carcinoid cancer spreads to the liver, the liver is unable to function as it usually would. Therefore, the prognosis for stage four cancer is generally not as favorable. However, because carcinoid cancer spreads so slowly, the prognosis might be better than other forms of cancer that spread very fast.

Cancer Treatment Options And Prevention

Dr. James Maher can diagnose your symptoms to find out if you are dealing with carcinoid cancer. If it is the case, or if you have already been diagnosed and referred to a specialist, Dr. Maher will discuss all your treatment options with you.

Dr. Maher knows that education is essential to getting the best care. He believes that education is vital so that you are aware of all your treatment options and future screening options. When you are aware of all your options, you can make the most informed decisions about your health with your doctor. Treatment usually depends on the stage of your cancer and other factors that you will weigh with your Brookshire TX carcinoid cancer specialist.

  • Remove The Tumor– Surgery to remove carcinoid cancer is possible even after the cancer spreads. Surgeries include endoscopic surgery or local surgery. Sometimes, if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, part of the lymph node will be removed surgically.
  • Target Therapy– Target therapy to kill carcinoid cancer cells is an option for cancer treatment. There are currently clinical trials that study carcinoid cancer treatment with target therapy. Target therapy involves targeting the cancer cells directly rather than the general area surrounding the tumor.

There are several excellent factors about target therapy that are less damaging than radiation treatment or chemotherapy treatment. The latter treatments kill cancer cells too. However, they also kill healthy cells around the tumor. Target therapy only targets the cancer cells, making this treatment a viable option.

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Brookshire Tx carcinoid cancer
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Dr. James Maher at Katy Stomach Doctor has over thirty years of experience practicing medicine. Board certification sets Dr. Maher apart from general practitioners. So, if you have a history or diagnosis of digestive or liver illness, Dr. Maher is better able to detect subtle signs of issues in this specialized area of expertise.

While it is true that early detection is better than later detection, it is especially true of liver or gastrointestinal problems. Often, illnesses in these organs of the body develop slowly and quietly, so signs are easily missed if you are not a specialist in the field.

If you have been diagnosed with a gastrointestinal issue or are experiencing digestive problems, we encourage you to make an appointment with our friendly staff at Katy Stomach Doctor. When looking to obtain more information about your diagnosis and treatment options give us a call. We can tell you everything you need to know, but one of the best things you can do is reach out to your Brookshire TX carcinoid cancer specialist, like Dr. James Maher today!

Brookshire TX fun facts:

  • Brookshire is small-town country living about thirty miles away from Houston.
  • In 1946 Brookshire was incorporated to be the town you see today.
  • The city is home to several parks including a water park.