Spring TX Colonoscopy Doctor

If you need to see a Spring TX colonoscopy doctor, then visit the Katy Stomach Doctor. Many patients get nervous when it is time for a colonoscopy. It is regular for this to happen. With that being said, you should have a team that makes you comfortable during this time. That is what the staff and nursing team at Katy Stomach Doctor are here for.

Our job is to make sure that you get the best service and care. And in order for that to happen, we have to have a team that is willing to provide the best care. The great news is that we do. With more than 40 different tests and treatments, they ensure that you leave with some sort of help and solution to your problem.

Spring TX colonoscopy doctor
Our team of nurses is sure to take great care of you while you are with us.

Our Spring TX colonoscopy doctor, Dr. Maher, has been providing gastroenterological care for more than 20 years. With this many years of experience, he has mastered the skill of providing great care and developing a great patient-doctor relationship.

Be prepared to get a full service and a great experience at the Katy Stomach Doctor. Read more about our clinic and the colonoscopy procedure. When you are ready to see the doctor, you can call to make an appointment or visit us today.

Katy Stomach Doctor

At the Katy Stomach Doctor, we focus on internal medicine. To be more specific, we focus a lot more on all things gastroenterology. This might be something new for you, or maybe you have been taking care of this aspect of your health for a while now. Either way, our staff and team here at Katy Stomach Doctor are here to assist you.

The list of conditions that we treat is specified to the GI tract and the digestive tract. So, if you have been in search of a specialist in these areas, then we are the right place for you. The Katy Stomach Doctor team does everything from endoscopic procedures to colonoscopies. In addition to that, we also do our own diagnosing and treating.

You might have come to us by referral and have already been diagnosed with something. We still take the time to perform our own tests and make our own diagnoses. So, rest assured that with us, we make sure that everything is done correctly.

Treating our patients with the best care is our number one aim. When you come in and let us know what is wrong, we make sure that we search for all possible ways of treatment. It is important to us that we do all that we can for our patients. With that being said, you can trust our lead doctor and the team to assist you in the best way that we can.

For our patients in the Spring, Texas area, visit us today or schedule an appointment by calling 281-945-5190.

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Spring TX colonoscopy doctor
Visit Dr. James Maher the Spring TX colonoscopy doctor.

Like we said before, there are many different services that you can get with us. One of our most common services and procedures is the colonoscopy. This procedure is done by our very own Spring TX colonoscopy doctor, Dr. James Maher.

The colonoscopy test is recommended by your doctor. Depending on your age, your doctor might ask for you to be screened more frequently. But the general rule of thumb is to be checked every ten years if there are no abnormalities found. For the most part, you should always consult your doctor, and they will let you know when this should be done.

The main reason for getting a colonoscopy is to look for any abnormalities or changes in the rectum and colon. The procedure is one that should be prepared for, and the doctor gives specific instructions on how this should be done. For the procedure, a small flexible tube will be inserted into the rectum. At the end of this tube is a camera.

Dr. Maher will be able to see what is going on with the help of the camera. Polyps, colon cancer, and other intestinal problems are some of the things that are checked for during this time. If an abnormality s found then, a biopsy can be done right then and there.

So, if you are due to meet with a Spring TX colonoscopy doctor, then call the Katy Stomach Doctor today.

Gastroenterological Care

For those who might not know, gastroenterological care is an important part of health care. Whether you’re a man or a woman, taking care of your digestive tract is essential. These are parts of your body that you use every day. So, with that being said, seeing a gastroenterologist when something seems to be wrong or out of place is vital.

There are many different diseases that can happen when a person does not take care of their digestive tract. One of the most common ones include digestive disease, ulcers, gall stones, and much more. These can easily be prevented if one sees a gastroenterologist when they notice any intensified symptoms. But a majority of these diagnoses can be treated, and that is a great thing.

If you have any questions about your gastroenterological care, feel free to contact our amazing team of nurses. They can help to answer any of your questions. You can even set up an appointment with Dr. Maher, and he can consult you on any steps that you need to take or sign you up for one of our many services.

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Spring TX colonoscopy doctor

You know have information about colonoscopies and how they work and are helpful for you. Take the time to consult your doctor and ask if it is time for you to schedule that appointment. Our team is here to keep you comfortable and assure you that everything will be alright.

The Katy Doctor is taking patients all across the Katy area, and that includes Spring, Texas as well. So, make an appointment or stop by and speak with our staff. Our Spring TX colonoscopy doctor, Dr. Maher, is ready to see you.

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